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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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That was funny--i asked the gardening section half a

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that was funny--i asked the gardening section half a question and realized oh my--will start again. i am finally giving in and going to the pain management clinic as a last resort after 2 years of dealing with pain. i am scared as this is my last resort and since i last spoke here i can hardly place weight on one leg at all due to the hip ( or pelvic) bone pain as well as the shins and what still feels like the tissue in my buttocks..that is since back surgery in july 07. i don't know what all to tell the pain dr. as this has been a long journey and i am tired and hurt so badly and want relief enough to help myself. the pain this last month has been crippling though and if i did not know better i would swear it was a blood clot. i need advice on just how much to cover with the dr. monday so that i dont overload him with 2 years of what i have had to deal with. especially since now is what is important. advice and maybe even idea of what this extreme --most extreme pain could be.


Thank you for using Justanswer for your question.

I was told that you requested me, and I would like to work with you on this, but it is late, so am hoping we can continue tomorrow.

First of all, I think that it is great the you have the hope that you will walk out pain free. For something to be acheived, you must be able to imagine it first!.. So for one thing, I think it is good for you just to try to think about and imagine what it would be like if this pain were to be relieved.

Second, am I to understand that you have never been to a pain clinic before?

Third, your pain only started 2 years ago after an accident?

I look forward to your answers, and will be glad to help you clarify what to discuss with the doctor on Monday, so as to best get your needs met.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hey susan--i know its want to continue tomorrow instead??
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i will be happy to finish up my answer to your questions and you can go ahead and look at it when you have time. i am fine with that. doesn't have to be tonight.
first i do know how to stay ready and excited for all the good possibilities. i fought mental illness for many years and tho it is who i am, i did learn many things along the way to mental health. i know how to be positive i know how to fight to survive and i know how much i look forward to feeling better. so the attitude of fear of this last resort not working has kinda snuck up on me. i just have had so many tests--so many drs. --and the pain that i am going through now has been since my back surgery july 07 where i woke up in agony in my buttocks and they were black and purple. anyway-that being said..and after all those tests--and all those drs--i am in more trouble as far as the pain goes. i never have been to a pain clinic--this one is run by an md...(anthesiologists i think)
i did have the shot in the back twice before ever having surgery. first one worked 4 or 5 days and the second did not work at all.
thus the surgery--i am very trusting and i know its my fault i did not insist on seeing the xrays etc..and that is all done now--'spilt milk' so to speak...the cost and the timne and the agony and the missed things like church/ seeing my family / vacations are just not good. i need these things back in my life. i have worked on the anger as my preacher has helped me. she says its normal. my psychiatrist keeps up with my meds and i call him and we talk..not for a while as my depression or highs and lows are not a problem..its under control-but i have told him he can tell these drs, anything they need to know. i really don't care---as long as they might can help. too many tests/much wasted time and much wasted life--but that too is okay if i have a chance at help.....i don't know how far to go back and i do not know if i need to start now with what is keeping me from putting pressure on my leg. it has been the most painful..nothing burns--no nerve thing,,,it and the pain in my shins is the worst,, feels like its in the bone. and the buttocks feel like its in the tissue and i am leaning in the sink litterally to fix the coffee. my neighbors have to buy my that i have told you about all i can you are welcome to get back to me when you can. my appointent ismonday and i am hoping it won't be just talk. i want 'a cure that day' --silly me--huh?


Thank you for the wait.

First of all, I found a great web site that is called "". It is all about pain, and pain clinics. It has information for you about what you might expect at a pain clinic, but even more than that it has exercises you can do, and there is a place to talk to others going through similar issues.

This is the main "home" page:

There is a lot of use of traditional pain relief techniques, such as medication, but they also have a link to alternative methods of treating pain, which is good, I think.

Next, you were wondering about what to say to the doctor. It is always good to just get a pen and paper and write down your own questions and what you hope to know. It is also good to make a clear list of your past history, perhaps year by year of month by month, but don't over-do it and add too much detail, but you can also write things down once and then go back and condense it, or pick the main points.

Of course write a list of your medications, and be sure to put the name, dosage, how many per day you take, and the times.

Then, here is another list that may be helpful for you to review regarding things to ask the doctor:

This is another list of things to ask a doctor that might be helpful for you in preparation:

Another list that you can print out and write on if you prefer:;jsessionid=ZSIBFLK0NZYBYCQQPAASFEY

Tell me what you think about these ideas,whether I am on track or not with what you need, and also, if you need me to review anything I'd be more than happy.

I'll look to see if you reply and need help with anything, again, I will be happy to further assist you with this.


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