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My husband found out from the VA doctor that he has a cyst

Resolved Question:

my husband found out from the VA doctor that he has a cyst on his right kidney. my Question is how serious this?or is this normal in people ,the doctor told my husband it is nothing to worry and should he do? please help and let us know what we need to do.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Victoria replied 8 years ago.

A cyst is merely a closed "pouch" or pocket of tissue that usually fills with either fluid or air and can form anywhere in the body. Kidney cysts are usually fluid-filled and simple kidney cysts are usually completely benign. Why they form is not really well understood, but they become increasingly common with age. About 30% of people will develop at least one kidney cyst by age their 70's. These types of cysts are different from those born with polycystic kidney disease which is associated with serious kidney disease. A particularly large, kidney cysts may become painful due to pressing on pain sensitive structures nearby. Unless your husband has symptoms of impaired kidney function or lab tests that demonstrate a problem (elevated creatinine and to a less degree BUN), then you need not worry about it being harmful to his kidneys. If the cyst is really large and causing pain, it may need to be drained surgically. This can usually be done by laproscopy which is minimally invasive with a quick recovery expected.

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