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Sudden swelling of cervical lymph nodes, facial,eye swelling

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Sudden swelling of cervical lymph nodes, facial,eye swelling and spreading redness into scalp. Otherwise, energy is good. I Had an unknown insect bite in my inner upper lip (while sleeping with window open 5 days before. This, causing lip swelling that went away after two days and leading to the former. I have been expecting the problem to go away. Are this all related??



Thank you for using Justanswer for your question.


I do suspect this is related to the insect bite.


Swelling of this type to the subcutaneous tissue, around the eyes, face and lips, called angioedema, indicates an allergic reaction of the type that can indicate a medical emergency, anaphylaxis. We normally get a little worried when the swelling gets as close to the throat as the lip, because if the throat swells, then an inability to breath is a likely result and death can result. So I am happy to hear that it did not progress beyond the lip area into your oral cavity and throat.


Have you taken any antihistamines? What if anything else have you done as treatment for this?


If you have not taken an antihistamine, such as Benadryl (dipenhydramine)t his may still be prudent (although it would be very rare,I still need to state, please do not take benadryl if you have ever had an adverse reaction to it, or were told not to take it.)


Then, I would suggest seeing your physician. Although the chances may be small, if you were to be bit by this insect again, it could develop into a full anaphylactic reaction. Your doctor may wish to prescripe an adrenalin allergy injection kit for you to have, in case of this again, especially due to the close proximity to your throat. It is best to see your doctor as well, so that your lymph nodes can be examined. This is likely to resolve on it's own, but this is a fairly severe allergic reaction.


Do you have any questions? Have you already taken an antihistamine?













Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Your confirmation is consolling. I assume the cervical lymph nodes -head and neck (all triggered and painful) are associated with the immune response to the <venom>. And the suddenness of the latter more relates to the sting/bite than something more serious, and unrelated. I will get some benedryl in the morning!! Thank you I will credit you with a bonus, if, at the very leaast, I will sleep better
I didn't get your "additional" info until after I wrote my initial reply. I believe tylenol PM has benadryl as a component. You may want to look on the label and if you have not already taken a dose tonight, go ahead. If you must work in the day time you may want to try another antihistamine like zyrtec for in the daytime, as my understanding is it is not as sedating as benadryl can be. But yes, i think the lymph nodes other areas you stated, are involved, but this was a strong response, and possibly if you took the tylenol PM when you initially had this, you saved your self from what could have been an even worse reaction!
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you!!!!!! I think you ARE righ on . I follow the links for Bonus/feedback

Warmly, Renee - Artist

Thank you so much, this is very sweet of you. I'm glad to know I've helped an artist, too!
Love the sculptures, beautiful. I am bookmarking the site. Thank you!

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