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I would guess about 12 years ago i was playing football with

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I would guess about 12 years ago i was playing football with some Friends in our backyard and had collided heads. I was struck in the back right of my head on the mastoid bone from what i have gathered. I have had this same sized lump on the right mastoid bone ever since. Its never been tender or sore and has maintained size since. i would estimate its size to be about half the size of an M&M candy or slightly smaller, it has a smooth rounded surface and is slightly move able and seem to be fairly hard in consistency. Every once and awhile i remember it and want to get an idea of what it is.
This appears to be an Osteoma.

Osteomas are small, oval outgrowths of bone, they are benign outgrowths of the bone. They do not usually need any treatment. However, if they continue growing or cause any symptoms they may need to be surgically removed.

You may discus this with your doctor since this is worrying you. Xrays or CT scans can confirm that it is indeed an Osteoma.

You should also discuss with him about an FNAC test. If this is a bony swelling, then FNAC wont be possible. But if it is a cyst or any kind of hard growth, then an FNAC can be done. So you should discuss about these two tests with your doctor.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Was the small head injury just a coincidence or does it aid in the growth of a Osteoma

Thanks for your help!

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