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Total is 135 LDL is 59 HDL is 24 Triglceride is 258 i am a

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total is 135 LDL is 59 HDL is 24 Triglceride is 258 i am a 47 year old female, smoker, 5 ft 160 pounds, what do these numbers mean and do i need to worry about them?
Hi,Customer, I suppose that the first one is total cholesterol, IF I am wrong ,please tell me so I can correct my answer .

If your Total Cholesterol is   135 ( your cholesterol levels are within a normal level).

Your HDL levels ( 24) ,your levels are not adequate ,HDL levels lower or below 47 mg/dL ,are related to a higher incidence of Heart Disease.

Your LDL (59 ) are within    an optimal level   range .

However , your triglyceride blood levels are elevated .

Right now, what your doctor will do , it is    giving You   a special diet ,designed   specifically for you ,to reduce the consumption of fat foods and a good    excercise plan .

If these measures do not control or decrease    your triglyceride blood levels .

Your doctor will prescribe You medications like Niacin, Omega- 3 fatty acids or Fibric Acid Derivates like Lopid to decrease your triglyceride blood levels.

In the meantime, You should   reduce the consumption of   fat foods, avoid taking juices high in sugar   and alcohol   and increase the consumption of foods high in fiber and vegetables .

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