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After two rounds of antibiotics to treat cellulitis in my

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After two rounds of antibiotics to treat cellulitis in my foot, there is some improvement, but it's been almost a month and my foot is still swollen, skin feels tight, hurts after standing all day long. Do I need to see my doctor again? Foot is not as red and does not feel warm.

which part of the foot is it?

is there any open wound at this time?

are you still on anti-biotics ?

what color is the skin around the cllulitis area at this time ?

any impairment of blood flow to areas distale to the cellulitis ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is on the top of my foot. There is no open wound or any wound thatI know of that started this. I am not on antibiotics. Skin is normal color, no redness. I don't know if there is any impairment of blood flow to the area.
sorry for late reply. The website was down for a bit. I am glad to note that there is no open wound, that the area is not as red. I am concerned that you are still having swelling and pain on standing. The key signs to look for in cases where infection remains present is redness, inflammation , and pain among others.

because the foot is closest to the ground, some swelling can be expected and this is usually the last to go away, so to say, in the healing process.

If there is no open wound and the skin is not sensitive, some heat application can be helpful to speed the healing process. Propping the leg up more will also help reduce the stasis of fluid and reduce swelling. Wearing a support hose can be considered if you are going to be on your foot for extended time.

since it has been a long time, I would feel more comfortable if you see your doctor to have the food check out relatively soon. sometimes there can be residual infection, or if you have a slow healing process, the doc can can find out why. so there can be multiple benefits .

I applaud your decision to take control of your health. I hope my answer empowers you to make an informed decision. Feel free to continue to write back on me on this matter if you still have questions that is unresolved or need further clarification.
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