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I have a friend with a bad case of hemmoroids and she has

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I have a friend with a bad case of hemmoroids and she has been bothered with little stools throughout the day what can she do
hello, <br /> <br />Are hemorrhoids causing pain, bleeding? Has she had children? How long are bowel movements abnormal? <br />How long has she had them?
More info please.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No bleeding twelve pregnanacies no pain two weeks now hemmoroids have not gotten smaller been using prepH for about a week I believe she said
Thanks for the info. 12 pregnancies. No surprise hemorrhoids!
There are 2 things I would like to suggest. First tell your friend to try to "reduce" the hemorrhoids by pushing them back up into the anus while taking a shower. This will reduce the irritation and inflammation. Continue the prep H if it helps.

Next, bowel movements must be brought to normal. This should fix the small stools:

First, to increase the bulk in the stool, you must take fiber every am. ie. bran, bran cereal, bran muffin. Also 2 salads a day and ample fruits and vegetables. Metamucil, Citrocel 2-4 heaping tablespoons a day should help increase the bulk in your stool. You may instead want to try Fibercon, 6-8 capsules a day.
Try to train yourself to have one or two movements a day by sitting on the toilet the same time every day.

I have found this works for most of my patients after minor adjustments you must make yourself. Let me know how you make out after a few weeks. This takes time and does not work overnight. Good luck.

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