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DrOAB, Doctor (MD)
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why do I taste in my mouth what ever I touch with my hands,

Resolved Question:

why do I taste in my mouth what ever I touch with my hands, metal, perfume, soap, dirt, etc.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DrOAB replied 8 years ago.



Please clarify:


I presume you don't mean that whatever you touch you physically put in your mouth to taste (please correct me if I am mistaken).


Do you actually have to touch to produce the taste sensation or does saying/thinking the name of the substance produce the taste?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No I actually do not put the items in my mouth, although that would make this question more interesting. You could blind fold me and place an item in my hand, and I would taste the item in my mouth. It happened to me along time ago, with cleaning products, like clorox, I though everyone did the same thing. Its gottne worse lately, seems like I can taste almost everything I touch. I've really noticed, metal, lotion,dirt or yuk off of grocery carts, any kind of cleaning products, like if perfume hits any part of my skin, I taste it. For along time I thought everyone could too, but I quess I was wrong. Decided to ask, and maybe see if it was some kind of dease or something. Thanks for your help, Jackie
Expert:  DrOAB replied 8 years ago.



With the situation you mentioned about blindfolding, you can be unaware of what is placed in your hand and correctly detect the taste of it?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes that is right, weird huh? Good Luck, I hope you can find the answer
Expert:  DrOAB replied 8 years ago.



There is a condition called lexical-gustatory synesthesia, where saying a word can trigger the taste of it or a taste sensation (e.g., the word "blue" yields an "inky" taste), but in these cases, the person is fully aware of the object named.


Your "tactile-gustatory" talent borders more on psychometry, the ability to divine information from an object solely by touching or being near it. Very interesting! Anyone else in your family have this gift?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Not that I know of, know one I have talked to does. So its more in my mind than in the actual touch? Like when I think of someone they call me? Or when I even think of a movie from long ago, it appears on T.V. shortly after. I can also FEEL the feeling of a home when I drive by. I'm really not weird, but these things do happen. The hand thing is getting annoying now though. Seems like I have a weird taste all the time, even hand soap. By the way it taste gross. Thanks, Jackie
Expert:  DrOAB replied 8 years ago.



Pyschometry, and now you mention precognition, the ability to sense future events. Whether this talent is fantasy or reality, it all comes down to mental perception. I like to keep my mind open to all the possibilities!

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