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I (35 yr old female) developed a rash on my face a week ago

Customer Question

i (35 yr old female) developed a rash on my face a week ago thought it was poison ivy from my 3 yr old playing around woods so i took rubbing alcohol to it to dry it. it has spreaded to my neck and now chest area and in my belly button . it is majorly itching nonstop. it is like red dry skin not like poison ( no blisters). i woke up today and there is now 4 itchy bumps on palm of my left hand. i have tried cortisone, caladryl, aloe and benadryl nothing helps or relieves itch. what is it and how do i stop itch. i also have dark red and purple areas that itch on underside of breast and top of outer thigh and bottom of abdomen where the 2 touch.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Heal replied 9 years ago.

What you need is a supervised medical attention as suggesting anything palliative online would be sometimes wrong. I suggest instead of trying home remedies you should see your GP and get yourself a prescription of a correct anti-histamine suiting to you and appropriate for your condition. Do it ASAP.

with healthiest regards,