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Joseph Gelis
Joseph Gelis, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  LSU Graduate 1992 w/ Bacc. Science in Nursing, 15+ years bedside nursing, mostly in critical care.
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My son, who is 50 and overweight, has a recurring bruise

Resolved Question:

My son , who is 50 and overweight, has a recurring bruise across his lower back. He has no external injury which caused this. He has no medical insurance of any kind. This recurring bruise causes me concern. sometimes is fades but then is back as black as ever.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Joseph Gelis replied 9 years ago.
Is your son on any type of blood thinner?

Does he have liver disease or any type of bleeding disorder?

Is he putting repeated pressure on this bruise area from a chair he sits in?

Does he have any other symptoms?

Why has he been going to the free clinic?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He takes blood pressure medicine

He doesn't have any liver disease or any type of bleeding disorder that I know of

He is tired all the time and complains of never feeling well
I suspect that he may be diabetic but I don't know for certain

He goes to the free clinic because it is the only place he can go
Expert:  Joseph Gelis replied 9 years ago.
The only way to know what may be causing the persistent bruising to his back, short of repeated injury to this site, is to have some blood work done which could look at some levels that may point to a prolonged or free bleeding state. It would be in his best interest to have this done at the free clinic and discuss the possibilities with his doctor. There are a number of possibilities, but, without an exam and lab results, it would just be pure speculation. Hopefully, he will also open up to you to help ease your mind, concerning his condition. I hope this has helped.
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