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Dr. K
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Ok most likely I'm not the first one to ask this. but I need

Resolved Question:

ok most likely I'm not the first one to ask this. but I need an answer directed towards me. this past weekend, around 3 in the morning of the sunday to be more precise, I had unprotected sex with a female. And tuesday (2 days later) I was going to pee but i noticed a small bump on the side of my penis. obviously I freaked out, and I called her, she said she has been tested and she is clean. but then why do I have this, wensday (today) I went to the doctor but he wasn't a big help. he just said that it can be anything, that the only way was to test for STD's. I do plan to do it, but i am a college student working part time, the price is kind of an issue, but anyway. I am a 19 yr. old male, i excersise regularly, try to eat right, try to be healthy... then why do I have this. can somebody please help me, the more i read online the more i freak out!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. K replied 8 years ago.

Can you describe the bump in more detail? Are you having any other symptoms such as fever, burning with urination, discharge, swollen lymph nodes, etc.?

Dr. K
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hi, thank you for looking over my question....

it is a small bump like a 1/4 inch or a bit smaller
it is red and it looks kind of like a pimple, it looks like it has some substance inside, i did felt like i had a fever today but i don't have any discharge nor does it hurt when I urinate.

the only change I have noticed has been the bump and the fever symptoms...
i know I'm not a doctor but i do find it strange that if it is an std, that it showed up 2 days after...

could you please help me, the more i google, the more i panic...
Expert:  Dr. K replied 8 years ago.

Does the bump itself hurt?

Dr. K
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it doesn't really hurt, its more like a sensible area...

im not in pain but i do have more sensation in that area when i touch it

ofcourse if I put pressure on it, it does bother me
Expert:  Dr. K replied 8 years ago.
Unfortunately it's really hard to make a definitive diagnosis without actually seeing the sore. What you are describing could be a number of things. Depending on the location and exact appearance it could be anything from an infected hair follicle to genital herpes. It should, however, comfort you to know that genital herpes typically takes around 2-3 weeks to show in an infected person...

That being said, the only way to know for sure is with a blood test and a sample of the sore. From there, if properly treated, whatever it is can more than likely be suppressed if not completely cured/removed. Is there anything more specific I can help you with in regard to this?

Dr. K
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
one more thing if you wouldn't mind, this incident happened after i had sex with a second partner. Is it possible that if i did get infected, that i got it from my first partner?

and if so, can it stay in a dormant stage for a long period of time?

thank you
Expert:  Dr. K replied 8 years ago.
It's certainily possible that it was from the first partner. It can lie dormant initially for a few weeks, and after that it goes through cycles of dormancy and re-activation that can vary from days to years depending on the strain and the individual's immune system.
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