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He has severe DDD and DJD which was noted in a previous

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He has severe DDD and DJD which was noted in a previous claim (BWC) in 1998 for a lumbar strain. He did improve has worked since that injury and lived a normal life until 5/06.
Has Herniated discs' at L3-L4 and L4-L5, which are new in findings since his 98 injury. He has radiating pain in his left leg...denied by BWC for Radiculapathy even though documentation indicates it exists, however, which area or nerve compression is causing it is can not be determined. He was seen by one of the top Neurosurgeons' who notes there is little that can be done due to the severity of his condition but feels that removing a small section of bone would help with pain. Also, feels he is at risk if he were in an accident that he would have a more dismal outcome, told him to wear his seatbelt. Need to know the difference between the 2 surgeries?

Welcome to just answer,

Laminectomy is a spine operation to remove the portion of the vertebral bone called the lamina.

There are many variations of laminectomy.

Laminotomy is removal of part of the lamina above and below an affected nerve.

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Hemilaminectomy is is a surgery where only partv/ half of the Lamina and only a portion of the of the Facet Joint is removed to allow more room for the Lumbar Nerve.

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Only major difference between two surgery is in laminectomy full lamina is removed and in hemilaminectomy only half is removed.

Lamina is the part of vertebra which forms spinal canal.

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