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Are there any biomedical approaches used to treat adults

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Are there any biomedical approaches used to treat adults with autism, even if his/her autism is very mild? I have read about autistic children who altered their diets, or received doses of Vitamin B for instance. However, I have never heard of any such study conducted for adults on the spectrum. Thank you.

Treatment line for adults suffering from ADHD is similar to that a child patient,and usually common drugs are used for there treatment .

Regarding special diet or Vitamin doses for its treatment in adults I am not aware also!

In cases of adult ADHD, there are other non pharmacological methods or treatment available such as cognitive-behavioral therapies, environmental modifications, attention process training, self-regulatory strategies, and EEG neurofeedback.You can go for ADHD coaches who can assist adult patients in making lifestyle modifications in order to minimize ADHD-related difficulties.

I hope it helps

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