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blood..feet/hands tingling or numb, chronic fatigue, red spots..tongue

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My sister-n-law has been unhealthy for six months. She has had many blood tests and no sure results yet. Her symptoms are feet/hands tingling or numb, chronic fatigue, red spots on tongue, depression, weight loss.
well it is important to rule out B12/ folate deficiency/iron deficiency anemia/ thyroid along with causes of neuropathy. these can be checked by simple blood tests including CBC, TSH,Iron studies, B12,methylmalonyl coA, homocysteine level, folate levels. If these things dont work then a psychiatrist evaluation for depression will be required.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Shes had $900 worth of blood work done including the CBC and the thyroid test, all which came back negative. I don't believe this is all in her head...Can you check candida?
candida is a fungal infection .. usually effects people who are on steroids or have immunosuppression( low immunity ). If in the mouth .. it will be whitish curd like substance which can be removed easily. blood cultures can pick up candiada but the patient is usually very sick.. It is very important to rule out iron deficinecy, B12 and folate if that hasn't been done. If they are thinking of tick borne diseases then a simple course of doxycycline or levaquin will / should take care of it. Q fever usually causes dry cough and walking pnuemonia like picture. brucellosis can present with jaundice , hepatitis, enlarged spleen and kidney failure.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What about lyme disease?
lyme disease is a tick born disease.. it usually causes an rash with central clearing .. and that is very characteristic. if it is suspected .. just have to take doxyxycline for 14-21 days. blood tests take a very long time to get back.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
would lyme disease and the folate/B12/etc., have been tested for in the comprehensive panel blood test? it was from those blood tests that she tested borderline positive for epstein bar virus....
no they are not part of regular CBC. EBV is a virus that causes mononucleosis and T cell induced lymphoma ( cancer ) in solid organs like lung, kidney . I guess probably that is why your doctor is asking for CT abd/pelvis.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
would that (EBV/mono/tcell lymphoma) cause the hands/feet tingling and the sores on her tongue?
mononucleosis presents with fever, sorethroat and enlarged lymph nodes. T/B cell lymphoma presents with fever chills, night sweats , weight loss and enlarged lymph nodes.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
but no ideas about the hands/feet tingling or the redness/sores on the tongue? i bet you are about sick of me and my questions, eh?
as I said tingling, numbness and tongue sore could be a part of B12 deficiency. If it hasnt been ruled out .. it should be.
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