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I have numbness in my both hands when i wake up in the

Resolved Question:

i have numbness in my both hands when i wake up in the morning. sometime it is in my right legs what dr. should i see for these pains. I also feel this numbness in my face sometime the dr told me that it was depression.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
Where specifically in the hands - the thumb and the index finger, or the pinky finger, or the entire hand (like a glove)?

How about the numbness in the right leg? Is it the back of the butt, back of the thigh, down into the calf?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
it is my pinky finger on my right hand and my arm and would have to rub it for it to wake up. sometime it goes up to my hand with little thinging. my right leg is only around the ankle and the knee it feel lazy to walk some times
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.

These feelings of numbness in those specific areas seem to be related to pressure on specific nerves.

In the arms, it is the ulnar nerve that can be pressed on in the elbow groove (the "funny" bone) that when there is pressure (such as lying on your elbows on a table, or even bending your arms) can cause the numbness that travels on the forearm into the pinky and ring fingers. This is called "ulnar neuropathy":

Most of the time, you just have to watch what you are doing, and make sure you avoid activities that put direct pressure on the elbow. Splints at night may help to keep your elbow straight, and pressure off the elbow.

As for the right leg, similar things can happen with a nerve that runs on the outside of the knee (the peroneal nerve), where pressure on the nerve (such as crossing your legs) can cause the numbness on the outside/front of the shin to the ankle. Again, the key is to keep pressure off of the outside of the knee.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you but, why is it the numbnessin my face can this come for depression. the dr told me that i have acid reflux. sometime i do sleep on my hand. my hand is tight for a long time. i also feel pin in my head not a headache but, it run up and down my head when i feel these pain in my hand. can my rotater cuff be the cause of this.
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
Is the numbness in the face only on one side?

Where is it exactly - the forehead, the cheek, the jaw, or a combination of these three?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the cheek and under the eye yes the left side
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
Well, numbness in that specific area can also be from a single nerve, the second division of the fifth cranial nerve, which supplies sensation to the area of the cheek and under the eye.

Acid reflux and rotator cuff injuries can't cause this.

If the numbness persists in the face area, as you describe, your doctor may want to get further imaging of the brain, as numbness in the face comes from the nerve in that area or the brain.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

what doc do i need to see with this problem

and what can i do for these problems to stop can you email me some excerise for thsi or do i need to take meds.

Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
I would see a neurologist for all of these issues.

There really aren't any exercises to do; just keep the pressure off of the elbows and knees in everyday activities. No medications will help with this either.

But again, if the facial numbness is persistent, having a neurologist examine you may be the best thing to do, to see if numbness could be coming from other places (the brain).
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
can this be becasue i have so many headaches that run down my neck.
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
Headaches that "run" down the neck can be from tension headaches (muscle spasms), or cervical disc disease "pinching" nerves in the neck.

The neurologist will be able to determine this as well, and a MRI of the cervical spine can help to determine if this is a problem.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

thank you i am off to church

can i talk to u any time have a good day i feel a lot better that my question are answer

Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
You're welcome. If you feel the answer helped, pressing the "ACCEPT" button is appreciated. I check messages here at least once daily, though I'm not always on, I can get back to you relatively soon if needed.
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