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Macy RN
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I had some blood work and urine test done this past May. When

Resolved Question:

I had some blood work and urine test done this past May. When I asked my primary doctor the results 3 months later he told me everything was fine. I went to see a neurologist this past week who has a copy of the lab work and asked me if my primary was addressing all the problems with my results, he seemed pretty concerned?? The neurologist gave me a copy of the lab results, which I never saw before, and it has the following: Platelets 134 Low, Creatinine 1.00, Triglycerides 184 High, HDL 39 Low, LDL 116 High. The urinalysis: Specific gravity 1.037 High, Appearance Cloudy Abnormal, Protein 1+ Abnormal, Ketones Abnormal, Bilirubin 1+ Abnormal, crystals Present Abnormal. This doesn't seem like "everything fine" to me. Should I be concerned? What could be causing this?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Macy RN replied 8 years ago.



I am happy to help you today.


A low platelet count can be caused by:




~allergic conditions

~exposure to DDT and other chemicals


~bone marrow lesions

~toxic effects of many drugs

~Bernard-Soulier syndrome.

~after massive blood transfusions.



Normal tryglceride levels are 40-150mg/dl


It would be good to decrease your tyglcerides and raise your HDL and lower you LDL.


Exercise and diet can help to accomplish that.

Increase fiber.

Decrease fat

Increase exercise.


Your urinalys:


Increased Specific Gravity can be caused by:



~excessive water loss such as if you were dehydrated , fever, vomiting or diarrhea.


Appearance can be caused by different foods or rapid cooling ( if they put it in the fridge)


The rest of the things in your urinalysis are just a little off.


I am guessing that when you had these done in may you were ill?

If you were not yolu might want to have a repeat done since so many things can cause false results.


The thing to be concerned about although your numbers weren't horrible is your tryglycerides and HDL and Ldl. Just watch your diet a little closer.


A repeat CBC ( platelet) would be good too.


Best Wishes,



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