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Dr.Mian, MD
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I have never had allergys but everyone keeps telling me I

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I have never had allergys but everyone keeps telling me I sound like I have an allergy. It started 4 or 5 weeks ago with scratch throat and a cough at night. Later nasal congestion on occassion. Sometimes plem w/cough. Now when I eat I am getting a choking reaction sometimes when I swallow food. I cough and cough even though I am not choking on food. Very embarrassing. I started yesterday taking an antibiotic, Azithromycin, I started feeling better right away...but in the morning felt the same again. NO fever, no aches or pains. I am under alot of stress. Buying a house and moving across country by myself and w/daughter. I am not used to being sick and I am tired of it. What is this and what should I do??? Thanks Sandi

Hello Miss Sandy

Thank you for using JustAnswer.

From the brief but nice description you have provided, it seems like more of acid reflux or GERD to me than allergy itself.

Specially when you say it is same in morning and cough and throat burning.

You should take omeprazole 20 mg 30 minutes before breakfast and if still no effect, you can take it twice daily on empty stomach.

If you are suspicious of allergy, claritin 10 mg or zyrtec 10 before you go to sleep is a good enough choice to cover that.

Both of these drugs are availabel over the counter. I hope this will work good enough.

It is my assumtpion and suggestion based on your description. It might not eb the case in reality.You should get it evaluated nby local physician in order to get correct diagnosis

Best wishes for your health and good luck at new location.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I am not getting burning or any reflux. It is more like a cold that is in the back of my throat. Occassionally I will cough up some yellow phlem. Or on occassion have to blow my nose. (usually in the am when I get up). The over sensitive choking comes when I eat food---not everytime I eat just the past few days. Sometimes I get a coughing sensation that tickles my throat so bad I just can't stop the cough reaction. That is the same way it feels when I start to eat...sometimes. I really thought this was some kind of virus. But it has lasted so long....
Thank you so much for more detail. But I will still try omeprazole .

Thank you so much for more detail. But I will still try omeprazole and zyrtec.

Best wishes

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