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I have a "dent" on my shin. I haven't impacted anything and

Resolved Question:

I have a "dent" on my shin. I haven't impacted anything and it doesn't hurt. It wasn't there this morning, but now, about 2/3 down my shin, just to the inside, there is a dent or crater in the tissue that goes down to the bone. It feels like there is literally no tissue there anymore between the skin and the bone, unlike the rest of the area on my leg, or the other leg. Does anyone know how this could happen and if it will go away? I have this nightmare of my muscles just disolving away on me. Of course, it doesn't hurt and I can walk normally, so it's just really really odd. Any insight would be great!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Victoria replied 9 years ago.

Given your fear of your muscles dissolving away, have someone else look at the area to ensure he/she/they concur with your assessment. If so, all I can say is that you can press your finger quite easily or with little tissue resistance between the edge of the tibia or shin bone and the anterior tibialis muscle that lies beside the bone. The tissue resistance may vary between the right and left legs and vary along the length of the bone or the same leg, making it easier to press your finger in deeper. It is also possible your anatomy is slightly different from side to side and you just never noticed it before or perhaps when first observed, a shadow gave the illusion of an indentation on one side, but not the other and your fear of your muscles dissolving away, turned it into something very real for you. However, it does not sound like anything you need to worry about as it is causing no symptoms and if it represented atrophy or shriveling up of the tissue to form a indentation, it would not have happened in just hours after you last look at your leg and it was normal. The other possibility that I could imagine, is if you had been resting your leg against an object of the same shape for a while, making an impression that should readily go away.

I found your question intriguing and really did put thought in to trying to figure out what it might represent, but came up with very little.

Warmest regards,

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