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My wife is very overweight with a stomach that hangs down and

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My wife is very overweight with a stomach that hangs down and over and etc. I try to help her by suggesting the "Lapband system", but she is against doing that procedure because of- 1. Some negative things people have said about it- 2. The fact that she is very sensitive to medication, anesthetics etc (her heart rate increases and she feels poorly). I have tried my very best to give her the very best suggestion and the "bypass" and perhaps better still is the "Lapband" seems to me to be the best. So far I haven't been able to convince her otherwise and she comes up with various objections. "Dieting" does not help her. This is a real problem for me. A superficial answer will not work, I need an answer that she can take to the bank, so to say. Thanks,    Phil

I rarely share personal information, but I will make an exception this time. I had gastric bypass by laparoscopy. I lost 180 pounds. I am anemic (I take iron), but I can walk today. I had 4 broken vertebrae and weighed 330 pounds. I was almost bed bound. I wouldn't change what i did for the world except one thing: I would've had lap band. I had general anesthesia, got sick, spent two days in the hospital and when I had a baby 5 years ago they couldn't just loosen my band during the pregnancy. I have cared for family and patients who have had each kind of surgery-lap bypass, open bypass and lap band, and the lap band was so minor in comparison. I can't recommend it strongly enough. The sooner it's done, the fewer complications, the less excess skin, and it is a faster road to a size healthy. I am a 10 and was in the 30's-it changed my life and I did the full surgery.


I will say one other thing-when my daughter is 18 I would let her have it. If you knew me you'd know that is huge!


They can alter what meds they use-the anesthesiologist has several classes of drugs at his disposal. She just needs to consult with him.


If she can't tolerate the band or had a complication they can "let the air out" and it's like it's not even there.


She'll be home in hours and on her feet within 1-2 weeks but in the meantime you have to cook, clean and care for the kids-it's like a vacation.


I know a woman who gained 40 lbs just to have this, and I know one who put 20 lb weights in her clothes to make the weight limit.


I know a Nurse who was back in one week and swore she had no pain. I was at the dentist for 5 hours having two root canals and two extractions with sedation and gas. The Hygienist said what I went through was twice what she did when she had the band done, and my recovery will take longer.


That's all I've got-I hope it helps. Please tell her it is all true and I never share personal info, but I feel very strongly that this procedure saves lives and saves the quality of life for so many. I'd be in bed perm right now and like it or not-that is her future without serious intervention.







Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Two things:


In my last conversation about this subject with my wife, she is under the belief that after some time, the "Lap band" has to be taken out, ie removed, as the body (If I understood correctly) can tolerate it only for a limited amount of time. Factual or not?


A "side question" is that she feels "hot" at times, especially after going to the doctor who has had to use some drug, injection, anesthetic, ointment, or etc. She went to the doctor yesterday for pain in her knee and today feels "hot" even though the temperature in the house is at 71 degree F. Also her heart rate can easily go up and she has had to go to the hospital on occasion. Her mother had the same problem with the heart rate. Any comment or suggestion about this?


As much of a detailed answer / explanation (as possible) would be appreciated.





The lap band is only removed if it fails. To be honest her reaction sounds like a classic anxiety attack. People do no know how physical they can be! If he is injecting a steroid or some anesthetics in the knee that would explain the side effects you describe too. Again, this is not what goes into the lap band procedure-and you will be consulting with the anesthesiologist before the procedure. Spiking heart rate, for brief periods can be uncomfortable, but is unlikely to be dangerous. Before that,or any procedure she should have a mild sedative like ativan or xanax. Her heart rate will stay down-the steroid reaction if that is the knee injection is something she should discuss with the doctor before the next injection. Nothing in that family of drugs will be used in the lap band procedure. She will sleep for a while, take a mild pain pill then sleep the rest of the night. The next day she will feel bruised. If anxiety is an issue have some xanax or ativan on hand for the first few days. She won't eat-liquids only, but she will sleep more than usual and should rest. She'll move up to jello, mashed potatoes, broth and maybe even bananas, along with fluids and a supplement. Soon she'll eat whatever she wants (I eat ANYTHING I crave) because it will be in small amounts. It's a weird kind of freedom. .She will tolerate the procedure just fine-but I will never forget how scared I felt too. Not just the loss of food but the idea that some freak accident would let me die during surgery. It was irrational, but I was scared. I knew it was elective, and I won't lie, I felt like I was taking a risk that self control should have made unnecessary. For 6 months I kept saying, I'll just diet, I'll just diet, but eventually dieting is like tears in a bucket-one pound from I needed to lose-please. She's scared though and maybe a little embarrassed that she needs surgery and can't do it herself. Tell her I know, tell her I get it. Tell her it will change her life like she won't believe.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

ThANK YOU FOR THE ANswer. The reaction is from the anesthesia not from the knee injection. It happens everytime anesthesia is involved. There is no anxiety. There is a high heart rate from the anesthesia which makes for a pretty good headache and the feeling of being "hot". In 1998 I had a double compound fracture with a dislocated ankle which was 4.5 hours in surgery---it took several months to get over the chemical reaction to the anesthia---and I was in physical therapy for months, nor did I walk property for a year---hence the knee injections from the scar tissue that caused "old arthur" to act up. So I am very familiar with the problems with my reactions to chemicals and from time to time I have been in the hospital to contol the heart rate from drug reactions.


My husband thinks I am reluctant to have the lap band but I do not eat large amounts now or overeat nor do I snack---so the lapband is probably not going to work as well for me. I may even be allergic to the lapband itself.


So I wish this was not complicated but it is. When you are unable to exercise properly you have consequeces. Weight gain. So I wish this was uncomplicated as my husband wrote you but it is not.


Thank you for your help.

Believe me-I couldn't exercise at all with the back injury and weight. They can test for lap band allergy, and they can use an anesthetic I swear you will not have the unpleasant reaction to. I believe the risk/benefit ratio fits well for you. On the other hand-I am all about personal choice and it's your esophagus, and your choice. You could try a personal trainer and a low fat diet (I don't use low carb diets long term). I could help out if your interested. I have lost 100 lb 3 times plus the 180 post surgery. I don't want to intrude, but I am here to help. You can accept anytime-and we can keep the thread open till you have what you need. Please let me know how I can help.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I would appreciate your help. Martha
I'll put togther some info and diets for you, along with advice on exericise etc. I need your weight and height, and if you can your hip/waist measurements. You can PM those to me (cch771) I should finish by tomorrow if that is ok
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am very familiar with different diets and I have lost large amounts of weight that have usually always come back. I understand what you are saying. My weight is 260 lbs and I am 5'1", My weight does not show like most people show at this weight---so usually when I lose weight---no one notices. But I understand what you are trying to do and appreciate your help---but I understand that you have been through the same problems.

I usually do not eat "sweets". I am a fresh or nearly fresh veges eater, small amount of protein, and I prefer dark brown breads, brown rice and etc. I hope this helps. I have strong bones, thank goodness but all of my joints are bad from "old arthur". Thanks again for your help. I am self employed so I have a pretty busy life. Martha

I question what I can offer, beyond my personal knowledge of the lap band procedure (the original question).&; Your post makes me certain that what info I provide will be old news to you.&; The truth is, there is no magic secret.. While sugar and fat do store more easily the big picture is simple;calories in/calories out based on metabolism which you can calculate here. I burn 2032 calories a day before exercise, so I have to cut 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week. We (or at least I) don't have a concept of portion size and usually we are eating twice as much as we think calorie wise, and being more sedentary than we know. A pedometer can help if you have trouble finding time to exercise all at once. Studies show that taking 1000 steps daily improves overall health. Invest in good shoes and consider a personal trainer. Dieting journals or software can also help. You can find good fat/calorie counters online. For example:


Calories can be tedious so I counted fat grams and kept it at 20 grams. (this also allowed me to fill up on foods like veggies since they barely count). I also switched breakfast and dinner. I am hungry in the morning, but can eat cereal at night. This worked very well for me. Now I eat ANYTHING I crave, I just eat very small portions before I'm full. I tracked my BMI instead of pounds, kept a journal and drew myself thinner and thinner (I draw well). There are sites that show you thinner if you think that would motivate you.


Other than what I've provided, can I be of any further help?

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