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Macy RN
Category: Health
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Experience:  RN of 19 years.Experienced in ER, Critical Care, Surgery, Nutrition, Peds,OB/Gyn and Hospice.
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I have had, what seems to be a hole, on the top middle of my

Resolved Question:

Hello, I have had, what seems to be a hole, on the top middle of my forehead for a few years now. I think it may have once been a blackhead that has gone very deep probably about 1cm but now my skin has healed and all that i can see is a hole. I have tried blackhead lotions etc but these don't seem to do anything. Apart from stitching the hole up and hoping it closes i don't know what else to do. Nothing has ever come out of it and to be honest it is really affecting my confidence as make-up will not cover it up, it is the first thing i see when looking the mirror, I even had a fringe cut to try and hide it, but I still know its there. I don't really want to go to my GP as he might think i'm wasting his time. I just need to know what it is and how i can get rid of it. I'm 25 and get married in 3 weeks and dreding the outcome of any photos. Please Please help.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Macy RN replied 8 years ago.


Ok what you could do is you have the money is Microdermabrasion.

The thing is is that you need to make sure the redness if gone by your wedding.

They might even be able to inject botox to smooth it out.

Try to get in with a cosmetic dermatologist.

The problem is that you are running out of time for your wedding.

IF you can't get anything done just know that you are still going to look beautiful for your wedding and your man want to marry you.

I am sure he could care less.

You stylist should be able to cover it up with your hair or maybe an extension?

Sometimes we just get those little pits in our skin.

Try not to fret.

Congratulations on your wedding!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Obviously with a wedding to pay for I can not afford this procedure, is ther anything else you can suggest even if it has to be done after the wedding. Or is there an exact diagnosis for this?
Expert:  Macy RN replied 8 years ago.

Your best bet would be to see a dermatologist.

He/she can recommend the proper treatment after looking at your skin and reviewing your medical history.

There are a lot of over the counter remedies but they don't seem to work so I wouldn't waste my money on them.

Your dermatologist and your can decide the best treatment for your budget.


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