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Blood pressure is 90/58 with heart rate at 58. Is this a

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blood pressure is 90/58 with heart rate at 58. Is this a problem? It is much lower than normal. What are possible causes?
If you feel fine with this then including not feeling dizzy when you stand up then it's not a problem in itself. However if it's wildly different from normal then we should look at the causes. You could be a bit dehydrated if haven't been drinking much. you could have altered your diet a bit. If you started to exercise more then you would expect it to drop a bit over time. It could be a faulty reading. Then there are other more serious causes (much less likely unless your feeling very unwell) If you had an infection this could cause this. Bleeding would be one other cause - internal (I guess you'd know if it was external) I:E: within the gut could cause this but would also cause red or black stools.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Rather vague cause/effect relationship. I'm not dehydrated. I do have an elevated CPK, ranging between 500 and 700, mm normal. Traponin normal. Cause for elevated CPK unknown, unless polymyalgia, which is not indicated on blood markers. The readings today are not normal for me.
What is normal for you? How do you feel at present?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
weak, slightly light headed
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
weak, slightly light headed. Normal for me is about 120/70
Are you feeling much weaker than usual? do you have any medical conditions? are you on any medication?
did you check the bp because you felt weak or just check it routinely? Are you feeling lightheaded all the time or just on standing? was that a lying or standing bp? and how do you normally check it?
Sorry for so many questions but trying to establish if any issues to address
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

I checked the BP while sitting, several times over a period of two hours, and the range has varied little. I checked it because I felt lethargic after rising from a nap of about 2 hours, made a phone call and felt too tired to talk. Medications: I am on Xanax, .5mg x 2 (anxiety); lamictal, 200 mg daily (depression); accupril for heart; Plavix for coronary stent; Avodart for enlarged prostate; baby aspirin, all of this daily. I have moved about for about three hours and the bp is elevated to 118/71, Pulse 64. This is still low for me. I am on several vitamins, including B5, multiple, OsteoBiflex; lecithin, cod liver oil; occasionally L-Theanine at bedtime when I cannot get to sleep, which without it would be about 2 or 3 AM. I manage about 7 to 8 hours in 24 of sleep. I also have sleep apnea and use strips across the bridge of my nose.

Having just got up from a nap would explain the blood pressure being low. Now I believe it's back to normal. Now 118/71 (normal you said earlier 120/70)
Your pulse is completely normal
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