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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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How do I get rid of persistant catarrh from the back of my

Resolved Question:

How do I get rid of persistant catarrh from the back of my throat?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 9 years ago.


Thank you for using Justanswer for your concern. I just logged on and saw that your question had been waiting in the general que for several hours. I apologize for your wait.

Catarrh, or mucus discharge is a symptom of an underlying disease such as an infection or allergies. If chronic, it is probably a symptom of allergies.

There are over the counter drugs now available that can be helpful, such as Zyrtec. In the long run you may prefer to stop the cause of the irritation.

For example if your home or office is very dry, make sure to increase the humidity. This will help to keep the mucus thin. A store bought humidifier will work, or at home you may boil water to increase the humidity in the air or even turn on the got water in the bathroom and sit in the steam with the door closed for immediate relief of an acute problem.

If the problem seems to be caused by inside allergies, from dust, pollen, mold, animal dander or pollution purchasing an air filter may help.

Drinking extra water can also thin the secretions.

Saline drops or saline irrigation will help clean the sinuses of allergens or pollutants and keep the sinuses and nasal passages clear.


for a product to use for this. You can also find neti pots at most pharmacys and health food stores now.

If very thick and blocking nasal passages a warm compress can be applied to the face to help loosen the mucus.

I hope this is helpful. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reply.

Take care,


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