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How do TB vaccinations last or how often should a person get

Resolved Question:

how long do TB vaccinations last or how often should a person get these vaccinations?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Mian replied 9 years ago.


TB vaccination called BCG is not indicated for everyone. Infants are given this vaccination as part of immunization schedule.

It is not 100% effective. Rather only about 50% of individuals who recieved vaccination are protected and almost 80% are still suceptibe to infection but with weaker response.

Its peak effect may stay in body for upto almost 10 years even though antibodies stay in blood lifelong to some extent.

If someone is at risk of acquiring TB, then TB prophylaxis with certain meds like Isoniazid alongwith pyridoxine is gven.

Here is a nice link from where you can get more information


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
This still does not answer my question. Is it recommended that after our children are given their immunization shots, are they required to get another TB later on like in their teenage years? Every 10-20 years? Or is the TB vaccination just given in their primary vaccinations and that's it?
Expert:  Dr.Mian replied 9 years ago.

Repeat dose is not recommended routinely. Only certain healthcare workers may get it who are at risk of acquiring TB infection by bacteria that is resistant to rifampin etc.

Otherwise for normal healthy individuals, it is not recommended.

Thank you

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