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Dr.Mian, MD
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I ma a 42 year old male with an erectile disfunction. I

Resolved Question:

Hello, I ma a 42 year old male with an erectile disfunction. I started using Viagra, Cialis, 2-years ago. It worked sometimes and sometimes it didnt the Viagra worked better but only when I took more. Like sometimes 3 or 4 but it gave me headaches and sometimes blured vision so I have not taken anything in 9-months. So as you probably guessed I have no sex life. Is there something other than medication that can permenantly help my erectile disfunction?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Mian replied 9 years ago.


Thank you for using JustAnswer.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED i not uncommon young males like in your age, it is rare to have some orgaic cause for erectile dysfunction..

Only if there is uncontrolled diabetes over prolonged time or some neurological disease or certain autonomic system problems like shy dragger syndrome etc..

With viagra or cialis or levitra, you can try serteraline 25-50 mg and in most cases this combination works well.

Talk to yur local doctor if there is any chance you can use prostaglandin injection or suppositories.

Also you can try yohimbine and ginsing extracts as it is claimed that it is of goood help. I beleive it is avaialbel on pharmacies by the name of vigorplex.

If there is any emotional or psychological pressure or issue, that must be taken care also as it is one the major reasons in young males for ED.


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