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Dr.Mian, MD
Category: Health
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Experience:  Diplomat American Board of Family Medicine
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My left foot is swollen. Im in no pain and it has been

Customer Question

My left foot is swollen. Im in no pain and it has been swollen for several weeks. When Im off my feet it feels like it swells more?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr.Mian replied 9 years ago.


Few questions in order to get better idea about this problem.

Any history of injury or infection on the swollen foot?

Before foot got swollen, did you sit for long time ot traveled long distance?

any swelling or pain in the calf muscles?

any redness on the foot?

Is whole foot is swollen or just part of it ?

I will wait for your response.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

I hit my heel yrs ago and it bothers me sometimes, but for the most part its a non issue. I have no arches on my feet, Im flat footed, and I use supports in my work boots, and any boots I wear. Sneakers are OK, and I dont need the supports in them.

I havent traveled in years

Calf muscles are fine

No redness

Its more the top of my foot, but you can tell overall its swollen. More swollen on top then anything.

When I sit in a odd position, leaning to one side my foot seems to swell more and I can feel how tight the skin is when I move my foot around.

Expert:  Dr.Mian replied 9 years ago.

Thank you for description.

I was trying to figure out if there is possibility or risk factors for deep vein thrombosis that seems unlikely but can never say never for that until proven otherwise.

It could be from several causes. Please get it checked by local physician in order to get physical examination and treat accordingly.It is not possible to figure out the cause without physical examination.

Best wishes