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my eye is red and weepy (cant open it in morning due to discharge)

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my eye is red and weepy (can't open it in morning due to discharge) and i have a severe sore throat. i am always discouraged when going to a dr because they say "there's nothing we can do".   is this something i should be concerned about?
   I am an Ophthalmologist and would like some more information to help-
- is the redness and discharge in both the eyes?
- has this happened for the first time?
- are you using any eye drops?
- I am not clear, you already consulted an Eye doctor and were told not to use any eye drops?
- Is there more of watering or more discharge?
- any swelling around the eyes?
Dr. PG
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi! thanks for your response:
The redness and discharge is only in one eye. this is the first i have had this and it was onset with my cold; i think it's a cold. i do not wear contacts. i try putting visine in. doesn't help and almost seems to sting more. i have not gone to a dr about any of this yet as i am afraid they will not be able to help me (and charge me $100, haha). the eye is more discharge and it's not all red, but very bloodshot and yes slightly swollen. the discharge is yellow'ish green coming from the eye. and also when i blow my nose (i know, gross), it is green. i lost my voice totally last night and my throat was in major pain. this morning was the worst with my eye. and as of now, my throat is bearable. still coughing and have some of my voice back. the nights are bad.
Thanks for the information.
What you are describing is conjunctivitis or eye flu or pink eye. This needs a combination of antibiotic eye drops with anti-inflammatory eye drops. If not treated in time and adequately, the infection can sometime involve the cornea or black portion of eye, which can complicate things further.
So I would advise you to consult an Ophthalmologist immediately to get a complete examination and start treatment. In the meantime-
- take oral anti-inflammatory like tylenol/motrin
- apply cold compresses with ice on the eye
- put lubricating eye drops like refresh tears/genteal eye drops (available OTC and will cause a mild temporary relief).
Dr. PG
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you! i don't want to mess with my cornea. So, there is nothing i can get OTC regarding anti-inflammatory eye drops? Also, my friend looked at my throat and did see white pockets and redness near the tonsil area. thanks again!
There is no OTC eye medicine that is available for your present ailment,
for the throat you may benefit by some warm saline gargles and taking a Tylenol for pain (if any).
Thanks for the accept,