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Victoria, Chiropractor
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I have clusters of pimple/blister like bumps on my back, chest,

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I have clusters of pimple/blister like bumps on my back, chest, and neck. They seem to get larger if I rub/scratch them. They are itchy but the itch is not intense. I noticed them after I had attended a conference where I did lots of walking in the heat. Any ideas?

You may very well have a heat rash which can occur anywhere on the body that can has sweat glands. These glands can become clogged, trapping the sweat beneath the skin, creating little blisters or pimples. Usually it clears up by itself, unless severe, if you let the "skin" breathe, rather than covering it up, trapping heat further and avoid sweating. Here is a website that you can read more about it:

Hot, humid weather in NC could provide a perfect environment for experiencing this.

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