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Dr. Mark
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The bottom of my feet....souls...are beginning to be numb ...

Resolved Question:

The bottom of my feet....souls...are beginning to be numb and now my toes. What could be causing this and what kind of doctor should I see?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
Which toes are affected, the pinky toe, or the big toe side (or all of the toes?)

Is there numbness in the calf or thigh?

Do you have diabetes? Or circulation problems?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Mark's Post: no diabetes, I do have gout, and some circulation problems, no numbness in calf or thigh. Big toe and two next to it.
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
There are a number of reasons that the soles of your feet along with the toes can feel numb.

One is circulation problems, causing ischemia, or low blood flow to the area, from peripheral vascular disease.

Another is a nerve problem, from inflammation/pressure on a specific nerve that goes to the bottom of the feet (the first sacral nerve). It can also come from "tarsal tunnel" syndrome, or compression of the nerve in the foot, which would cause numbness in the foot into the big toe and first three toes (which sounds awfully similar to what you describe):

Another is peripheral neuropathy, where the nerves in the feet become damaged, causing the numbness.

I would start with your regular doctor, who can do an exam to determine which of these is a likely possibility, then tests can be done to narrow a possible cause down (this will include a physical exam, blood work, blood pressure tests, and perhaps a test called a EMG). Once a specific cause is found, then treatment will be directed by the cause.
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