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What is the cause of swelling around the temple area and

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what is the cause of swelling around the temple area and around the eye. the swelling might be at my temple one minute and then over or under my eye the next. what might that be caused by?

Depending on what position you are in, the swelling may migrate due to the effects of gravity and the areas with the "saggiest" skin the has extra room for the fluid to seep into. If the swelling is on one side only, not associated with headaches, amount of fluid not increasing and painless over the effected area, it is probably due to a vessel bursting or perhaps a mild inflammatory response to an irritant. But it is always best to get these types of things checked out. I would consult with an ophthalmologist to make sure there was not a problem with the eye or behind the eye such as a tumor. Vasculitis is also a possibility, but is usually associated with pain and redness and warmth over the area. Your eyesight is too precious to take unnecessary risks, so take the time off - okay? You cannot afford not to!

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Hello again,

I just read your feedback comment and want you to know that you can always ask for further clarification. You need not accept an answer until you are satisfied with it. I had thought I had addressed the temple and eye swelling as inter-related and not separate entities with the migration of the swelling being influenced by pressure gradient changes, gravity and ease of tissue distensibility. I suggested seeing an ophthalmologist because you want to rule out pathology effecting the eye's health. If you had temporal vasculitis driving the swelling in the temple, other symptoms are expected indicative of an inflammatory process. If the swelling were driven by a systemic process such as kidney failure, then you would expect the swelling to occur on both sides of the face. If it were due to an abnormal neurovasomotor response, you would again expect a more widespread effect. But if it were due to increased pressure in or on the vessels in the area, driving fluid out into the tissue spaces, then the eye is a good place to look for evidence of raised pressures.

Hopefully this information will help augment my initial response.

With warm regards,