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Stomach bloating, fluttering and negative pregnancy test.

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stomach bloating, fluttering and negative pregnancy test. What is wrong with me.

Hi there and thank you for using JA again

Would you mind if I ask you a few questions regarding your post??

When was your last period??

Are you any type of birth control?? If no, have you had unprotected sex since your last period?

When in regards ***** ***** period did you take the preg test??

Do you have any medical conditions?

Thanks, ***** ***** be checking back to see if you've replied.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Well, I started a period on tues and by thursday there was nothing. I am very regular with 7-9 day periods. They never stop suddenly. I have done a pregnancy test today. With a negative result. Last day of intercourse was April 28th. I fell and look about 5 months pregnant. I have estreme bloating and I fellvery full after drinking or eating sometg. Bowel movements are regular. No problem with stomach pain. No bith control. Husband had a vasectomy. Only been intimate with him. I have lupus and had a brain hemmorage with my last child 4 years ago. I feel pregnant. by nails and hair are funny too. just not the positive result. Could it be an ovarian problem. Had blood wok done a week ago and everything was normal. Lipid, cbc, thyroid panel too. Everything was normal. The fluttering in my stomach makes me think.

Well, as you know a Vastectomy is not 100%, so the chance stands that you could be pregnant. The absolute best way to know is to have a HCG level drawn. This can even tell how far along you are if you are.

When you say you started "a period on tues and by thurs there was nothing" when was this??

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I am sorry for not being more specific. It was this tuesday the 6th of August. I had swelling of the feet and ankles on wed the 7th. which prompted a blood pressure check and it is a little elevated. 136/95. Back down to normal today. 127/73. Swelling went away the next day. I feel very tired and my head feels like much. I just feel clouded at times thout the day. I only feel nauseated when I lay my head down to sleep at night.

Thanks for the reply

Spotting during pregnancy is not uncommon. But first things must have your pregnancy a lab. You really need to get the HCG done because if you are pregnant and have been for quite some time, you really some good prenatal care. Already having one child, you know how important this is.

The surge in blood pressure concerns me too. I'm glad it's back to normal now, but elevated BP in pregnancy can pose it's risks ESPECIALLY with your brain hemmorage problems from your previous pregnancy.

If you last sexual encounter was in April, and all you've had is the 'abnormal' period for 2 days the first of August, the chances are pretty good that you are pregnant. Not sure why you got the negative result at home though.

You mentioned ovary problems...again, there could be some estrogen and progesterone deficiencies going on given your age, but these would also need to be confirmed by lab results.

My best advice would be to see your Dr as soon as possible for the HCG and go from there.

I really hope this helps. I would like for you to follow up with me and let me know how all this turns out if you don't mind. I'm curious as to what they find out. Good luck!

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