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My middle finger became swollen and turned purple without

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My middle finger became swollen and turned purple without any trauma last night Friday. This morning the bruising appeared worse I went to the ER the Dr. just sent me home with a prescription for a anti inflammatory and told me to come back if symptoms changed.   Through out the day, the rest of my fingers have become numb and stiff and I am losing strength in my ability to grip. Now the numbness is on the outside of my arm beneath my elbow. I thought a bug bit me at first but I don''t see a bite on my finger. I had been gardening on Thursday and did receive a sting on my palm the other day, but I don''t know what kind of insect stung me, same hand, but didn''t cause any swelling except at the bite location. I live in Puerto Rico the medical is 3 rd world, I need a second opinion.
Hello Deborah,

Your symptoms are worsening so you need to return to the ER right way. If circulation is disrupted to that finger you could end up loosing it. It sounds like you may be having an allergic reaction to a toxin released by either a bacteria or the sting or bite of an insect, etc. with progressive symptoms extending up the arm or otherwise some type of vascular occlusion problem. An examination is imperative to understanding what might be going on, which will determine the appropriate management steps. Go to the ER now.

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