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my husband is 73 - over the last year he has started to ...

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my husband is 73 - over the last year he has started to have irrational rages accompanied by very bad language - I, his wife of 50 years (70 myself) seem to be what angers him (normally he is good and kind) but these episodes are getting closer together now - they are frightening in that he also says he is tired of life and wants to die. He is drinking more than usual and this seems to start him off - nothing will help until he comes out of a long sulkiness and picks up .normal'' life again


It is nice to here of such a longtime marriage. I am sorry to hear what has been happening recently. Your husband should have a neurological evaluation to rule out a brain tumor, which can cause behavioral changes. He also should be evaluated by a psychiatrist for any chemical imbalance in the brain which could be causing the symptoms of depression which would be treated with an antidepressant. Drinking alcohol is a strong contributing factor to depression and changes in personality, especially anger outbursts. Your husband's suicide ieation is of great concern and needs to be treated right away because it is a serious matter and he needs treatment. Make the medical appointments that I have recommended and let me know how he is feeling.

I wish you and your husband well!


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much for your help - he is being closely assessed by GP and we have tried antidepressants - he is reluctant to take them but since I wrote to you with a great deal of care he seems to have settled - he is now approachable as to his drinling and has very much cut down and his suicidal comments have been absent for months - I very much welcome your helpful comments and guidance and Gp and I keeping an eye out now. I must say his moods seem to have settled. So I'm hopeful it was just a phase.
Thank you agai


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