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For the past 8 months I have noticed that before intercourse

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For the past 8 months I have noticed that before sexual intercourse or play, I have extreme increase of fluids from my vagina...making me extremely wet - especially during intercourse to the extent I can barely feel my partner inside (excuse the expression but it must feel to him like going inside a bucket of jellied eels). I am 42 years of age, never experienced any problems like this before, looking for answers as this is making me now feel extremely unhappy with my body - not only that I feel I am of no use to my partner. I know with age women normally get drier in the vagina - the opposite is happening to me - please advise if there is anything I can do.


Has your partner expressed a problem with your increased wetness during intercourse? This is oftentimes a welcomed problem. Since swab results were negative, did the doctor suggest to you that this is normal vaginal secretions?



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
My partner has made the comment (jellied eels)- and has noticed that the wetness seems to be never ending...As for the Doctor,he has advised that this is normal....It is not NORMAL vaginal secretions - before 8 months ago was NORMAL. I have an enlarged thyroid gland (quite prominent) - this was diagnosed 18 months ago, then when for a routine check up the Doctor advised that my Pituitary gland levels were abnormally low, further tests were done and they basically said it was was after then I noticed the increased sweating & this increased vaginal secretions. Can this be linked? Do you know of any treatment to reduce the flow of vaginal secretions - I want to be normal again, please advise.


I am thinking that you went to a gynecologist for the check- up, and that he did an internal exam to determine that there are no other findings such as vaginal prolapse, which would give your partner the sensation that he has expressed. Hormonal levels change with your menstrual cycle but what you describe is not related to low pituitary levels and then tests came out okay, anyway. Please look at the website below with suggestions for reducing vaginal wetness.



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