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Dr. Singh
Dr. Singh, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  MBBS. General Practitioner, experienced in hospital care and primary care.
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Singh, I have been corresponding with you recently about my

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Hello Dr. Singh, I have been corresponding with you recently about my recent bout with dizziness/imbalance, post allergies. You thought it may be inner-ear related, possibly Labyrinthitis. I did go to an ENT doc 2 days ago and he did a scope of my nose/throat and his diagnosis was Chronic Rhinitis and he found GERD Laryx erotion. He gave me an antihistamine spray = Astelin, and the Meclizine that you had also recommended. He did NOT give an antibiotic for ear infection and after I started using the spray, now I have tenderness, ache to pressure...of BOTH mastoids instead of just the right. I am feeling somewhat better, however. Could the doctor tell that I DON'T have a VIRAL ear infection, by what he did at exam? And would Rhinitis likely cause dizziness/imbalance? He looked in ears with light, checked TMJs (normal) and did the scope. He said that my town is very bad for allergies/sinus probs.--Could the mastoids be achey without infection--possibly cervical spine/posture related? Also: I started wearing disposable contacts in April for the first time, and I did accidently fall asleep for a few hours in them...could I have caused some infection or problem with my eyes that could have caused the dizziness ? I don't have blurred vision, but the dizziness began when wearing contacts and had fallen asleep in them. I read about hypoxia/lack of oxygen to eyes caused by wearing contacts too long. I'm going to the eye doc tomorrow. So many things happened around the same time, so I'm trying to rule out causes for my dizziness, mostly. It's not spinning, just imbalance/woozy feeling (not down to earth), walking on clouds. I function daily, it is just a feeling that I did not have before and has been going on for at least two months and I have seen the doctor, but I'm still left wondering. I'm giving these meds time to work and maybe rhinitis is all it is...but could you address all of my questions ? Thanks ! Jamie
Labyrinthitis is still a possibility as it is not possible to visualize its signs on otoscopy. And its treatment is same i.e. Meclizine although recovery occurs by itself. Antibiotics are only rarely needed when there is strong evidence of bacterial infection as seen on ear exam. Mastoids can be achy without the ear infection, due to headache etc. Also I don't think your eyes have anything to do with balance problems as long as your vision has been corrected. Sleeping with contacts on, would not cause these symptoms. So we need to wait for these medications to show their effect.

Dr Singh
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hello,Dr. Singh...and Thank You. I am feeling much better. Still not 100% better, but so far-so good. I have been using the antihistamine spray and sometimes taking a Benadryl capsule at night before bed. I take Meclizine (half a tab) at night sometimes, along with occasional Tylenol. The mastoids are no longer sore and no more headaches (had slight ones recently). I think that I was so worried after the first dizzy spell (from Labyrinthitis ?), that I caused the anxiety attacks...which were my main problem. Earlier in the Spring, I had a near head-on collision when my boyfriend was driving home one night and I screamed in fear. Immediately after, I felt my whole body had tensed up and tingled and my head tingled. This was around the time I had my first dizzy spell just a day or so before. I had my first panick attack a few days later and I'm wondering if my screaming like that (which I never have before) had caused me to have anxiety for several weeks, including panick attacks that I had never experienced before. When they begin,it's like everything becomes very still and quiet...even my own pulse seems to slow down. Then I feel woozy-headed and start wondering if I'm about to die or have a stroke. My legs suddenly feel heavy and very weak. After a minute or so...the feeling subsides because I struggle to remain composed. Sometimes it feels as if my throat will close and I'll smother but I force myself to breathe. After reading about panick attack symptoms, it helps when they come on know that this is all it is and I'll be okay in a minute. I have noticed that I start feeling this way when I read about health problems on the internet, wondering if I have this or that condition. Self-induced stress, I'm suppose. I try not to read that stuff anymore. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A PANICK ATTACK TO YOU--OR A BLOOD PRESSURE PROBLEM OR OTHER ? Especially the sudden heaviness and weakness in my legs ? Thank you for your time.
this does sounds like panic attacks including heaviness in legs. You do not seem to have any major organic disorder. So a psychological cause is likely.

Dr Singh
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Dr. Singh,

Thanks again. It is a relief to think or know that my symptoms are not organic and hopefully the panic attacks will be under control soon. It's already better.

The reason I had thought my eyes were maybe contributing to the problem was because I had gotten new glasses that were a lot stronger because it had been several years since my last eye exam. This time (I just found out at a recent visit with eye doc) my glasses have different Rx for each lense (my vision is worse on right) and the doc said this may be causing imbalance problems. He didn't explain any of this at intial fitting. I feel overwhelmed sometimes while wearing the glasses or contacts, especially looking at bold and busy patterns (on the floor, etc.) or at the computer screen and I get woozy-headed especially when scrolling down the screen quickly. I think all of the things I have mentioned plus my new Rx for glasses and the Rhinitis and everything all happening together around the same time was just overwhelming for me and causing these panic attacks and causing me to get on the internet and reading medical info.-- trying to figure out what has been going on with me. I appreciate your comments and advice and it's nice to know you're out there if I ever have a doubt. I express myself better in writing, anyway. Doctors at visits are usually in such a hurry that we patients forget what we want the doctor to know about what has been going on with us. We leave the office thinking we should have mentioned this or that and then we're left wondering if something is wrong with us that the doctor missed because we forgot to tell them about a certain detail. With this online puts our minds at ease, somewhat--because we can include all details. I'm sorry about the lengthiness of it sometimes...I know you are busy ! Thanks so much ! Have a nice day !
I am glad to know that this is helping you. As I said earlier, it the vision has been corrected satisfactorily, then this won't be the likely cause. And panic attacks/ anxiety issues need to be addressed before any further evaluation.

Have a nice day yourself!

Dr Singh
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so much ! One last thing...I have been reading up on Magnesium deficiency. I have been taking Magnesium supplements for the last 3 years since I did not tolerate the beta blockers for my Mitral Valve Prolapse, diagnosed in 2004. I RECENTLY started taking Calcium/Vitamin D supplements, about 2-3 months ago. I read that the Calcium and Magnesium must be balanced because too much calcium will keep you from absorbing magnesium. I never had these panic attacks, etc. until recently and I am wondering if maybe my magnesium has not been absorbed like before taking the calcium ? Magnesium deficiencies can cause panic attacks among other problems with nerves and muscles, which I have had some twitches in my legs with the anxiety. When I discontinued the calcium and continued with Magnesium along with the other prescribed meds for Rhinitis, my symptoms are better...but still not completely gone. Do you know much about Magnesium and MVP and Magnesium deficiencies ? Per my recent labs, my kidneys are functioning properly (BUN & Creatinine are normal) maybe the calcium was causing a problem ? I probably get enough calcium through my diet, anyway. They say that magnesium deficiencies may be a cause for MVP in some individuals. I had the symptoms all of my life, but only found out about it as an adult.
Any input regarding Magnesium ? Thanks...

2 days later: I had a dizzy spell this AM at work. I wonder if my minerals are out of balance this AM. I took my usual 250mg (63%DV) of Magnesium after my usual breakfast bar of granola and mixed nuts along with my usual coffee... and a little bit later this seemed to cause a bout of diarrhea. I had a nut muffin and a few sips of orange juice afterwards and per the label: (with 560mg/16%DV)of Potassium,and also 8% Magnesium and other vitamins/minerals. Just a few minutes later, I had a dizzy spell. This did not seem to be panic attack-related and lasted a few minutes. I took a Rolaids tablet with Calcium Carbonate (675mg) and felt better soon after. I had read that calcium and magnesium need to be balanced. What about the potassium in the orange juice ? I am trying to figure out what's causing this dizziness. I have felt fine for several days and using the antihistamine spray and Meclizine sometimes at night. I did take an extra magnesium last night (total of two for the day: one in AM, one in PM). Usually I just have the one in the AM. Do you think my dizziness could be related to imbalance of minerals ? THIS is the type of dizzy spell I had initially a couple of months ago that started this whole thing with me, and escalated to panic attacks, etc.--This AM, I did not get the usual panic attack symptoms along with this dizzy spell. It was different and happened after drinking the orange juice. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I'm just tired of worrying about it and trying to figure things out. I had labs 3 weeks ago and my calcium level was normal. They didn't check my magnesium level, though. Please, any comment ?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Relist: No answer yet.
Please cancel this question...never got a reply and so I have already asked another question and I'm currently corresponding with Dr. Hayes. Please disregard this unanswered question. Thanks !