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My throat has been soar for three weeks. I have no fever and

Customer Question

My throat has been soar for three weeks. I have no fever and no swollen glands. It doesn''t get worse or better just stays the same and I have a lot of white suff coming from the sides of my throat which I have been told (by none experts) that it is food that has been trapped in these pockets or that it''s an infection. What is this stuff really? And should I see a doctor?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  MY_doc replied 9 years ago.


I suggest you see your phsysician as soon as possible. Since you are suffering with a soar throat for three weeks now and see white spots on the sides there is something there that needs to be treated. It could be viral, fungal or bacterial, although without a physical examination it will be hard to determine the cause. Your physician will likely give you medication to help.

I hope this was helpful.