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Dr PG M.D.
Dr PG M.D., Doctor
Category: Health
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I experience constant numbness in my right tepmle which

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I experience constant numbness in my right tepmle which makes me grimace for relief. I feel there is something terribly wrong there. Can you shed any light on this condition including treartment and cure?
Thanks for contacting JA. Can you provide more information-
- any other sympXXXXX XXXXXke headache, nausea, irritability from light and noise
- any history of migraine headaches?
- any chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension etc?
- any pulsations that you feel in the temple?
Dr. PG
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Dr. PG. Thanx 4 the response. Here's more info. No headaches, nausea or irritability from light. Lately, I'm getting irritable 2 noise. No history of migranes or other lasting headaches.Mom had diabetes, but not me. Blood pressure a little high, but my doctor says nothing to worry about. No pulsations, but some pressure.
Have had the condition for a long time, but lately it's getting worse. Have to grimace like I am making faces as well as grit my teeth to get some relief. When grimacing, my face looks like I'm in pain or trying to tolerate pain. Sometimes my right ear feels tight inside and I have to stick my finger in my ear and move it around to try to get some relief.
As a child, I would grimace and my dad would chastise me for it.
I also have "hydrocele", so I am wondering if there is any neurological connection there.
The condition seems to affect my physical and mental functioning.                             I would GREATLY appreciate any way you can help with me understanding the condition or treatment orcure.
                                         &nbs p;   Sincerely, Customer
Sorry for the delay in replying.
I believe that your symptoms may have the following possibilities,
* Migraine - Atypical
* Stress & Anxiety
* Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
* Lyme's disease
* Pinched nerve locally
* Demyelinating brain lesions
* Vasculitis
* Neuropathies
As you can see there are many things that need to be considered here for finding the cause of your symptoms,
Some may not be absolutely relevant here, however you need to talk to your doctor about these possibilities,
Dr PG M.D. and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dr PG,
Sorry about the delay. Had to take some time & decide what I was going to do. Your phrases seem like they are meant for a colleague rather than a layman. Can you describe those conditions in laymen's terms a little?
Without having to be 100% accurate, do one or more of those conditions jump out at you as possibly being THE condition(s), so I can start looking into them further?
As far as my doctors, I have pretty much given up on them being able to tell me what is going on with me, and, consequently, I have decided to try and find out what is going on with my head on my own. So, based on that, could you direct me to some good sources (articles, web sites, etc.) that address some or all of those potential diagnoses so that I can find out about them more?
Finally, any opinios you might express about what the prognosis is about the conditions listed would be greatly appreciated.
You put time, thought and effort into your original reply and I have no trouble accepting it so you can get paid, but I'll wait for your next reply to do that.

Thanks for getting back,
Let me try to make it a bit easier.
Atypical Migraine refers to symptoms of Migraine that do not present with the usual symptoms of headaches, nausea etc.
This can encompass a large variety of episodic symptoms including neurological symptoms like numbness around the head etc.
TMJ dysfunction refers to a dental condition caused by problem in the jaw joint, again this can present with unusual symptoms including temple pain, numbness etc.
Demyelinating brain lesions refers to a multiple sclerosis like brain plaque (seen a a white spot in MRI t 2 images) that can occur due to problem in the brain's white matter.
Vasculitis is the inflammation of the small blood vessels in the body that can lead to local numbness if the involve the skin.
Neuropathies refers to nerve diseases, a whole variety of them, that can cause numbness,
Similarly there can be various reasons for a local nerve to get pinched leading to numbness as described by you.
I believe that vasculitis (like say giant cell arteritis) may be a condition that can cause these symptoms, though nothing really jumps out.
The best way to proceed would be to do a Google Search with all these names to see what fits in, and what does not.
The prognosis is extremely varied as per the possible list of causes, though many of these are amenable to partial / complete recovery with appropriate treatment,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX   This gives me enough to chew on. I will contact JA with any questions that may develop.

I am appreciative that JA and similar sites exist on the web.

Allen Badee (Customer)
you are most welcome