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My wife being treated the last 8 months for fibromyalgia was

Resolved Question:

My wife being treated the last 8 months for fibromyalgia was dishcarged from her phyisicans office last Friday after seeing a physician whom she had never seen prior due to her actual doctor being out of town. My wife was w/pain medication therapy for the last 8 months, and trigger point injections. She was told by this particualar doctor that he would NOT be filling her pain meds, this was not the way to treat her condition, and instead, he would be initiating (5) new drugs, several of which she had tried, and had severe side effects to. My wife mentioned that she had trouble in the past using these medications and did not feel comfortable doing so, and that her doctor in the practice treating her would not approve as well, that they had a very specefic treatment plan. The doctor seeing her that day said he did not care, wouldn''t be filling her pain meds, didn''t examine her & was DC''ing her from the practice for noncompliance, sent her out with NO meds, NO referrals, shes on her own?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  MasterDoc replied 9 years ago.

This sunds like an internal fight within the office. She should call the office and attempt to schedule an appointment with her regular MD for the day he gets back in town or as soon thereafter as possible. In case her MD refuses to see her when he gets back, she should start looking around for another physician. Until her regular MD gets back she really has no options.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to MasterDoc's Post: I just dont understand from an ethics standpoint how a phyisican or practice can just treat any patient in such a way? She is an obvious/definite straight-forward Fibro case, and a perfect pattient all-around, she always pays her visits/treatments in cash as she has no insurance, $thousands thus far, never fills her meds early, does all they ask of her including going on a Zone diet, BTW: ( shes 5'2 115LBS), and meditation etc... How can she be expected to just D/C this narcotic after being on it daily for the last 8 months, and not receiving any medication in the meantime to hold her over? I feel she was completely mistreated and malpractice seems to ring true to me. I am a successful and well known Broker here in Houston as well as a Doctor myself (not practicing but always up to date on licensing etc...) What should this practice/physician should have done instead. She caused nothing as far as an incident, talked to the office manager, and was treated very badly by all, for no apparent reasoning that I can see whatsoever? My wife is very soft-spoken, I just dont understand how this sort of treatment or lack there of can be justified? I hate to call my attorney, but as a business man, ethics and the hypocratical oath was thrown to the wayside! I just don't undersatnd in any way. I am giving you the whole story as it happened, no less, no more... What should have been done. This doctor didn't even examine my wife, and she was due for injections that day. Needless to say she's very, very, upset and dishoveled regarding the entire situation. Her regualr doc is due back tomorrow, but I honestly don't know if he will even return her call at this point. HELP me please understand what to do, it is appreciated.
Thank You,
K. K. Peters
Expert:  MasterDoc replied 9 years ago.

I think my interpretation of an intra-office fight is the most likely one. Alternative possibility: her regular MD has gotten into license trouble for what some bureaucrat feels is overprescribing of narcotics (that is a fairly common problem). ANd, while I hate to mention it, possibly they have some reason (accurate or not) to suspect your wife of abusing medication.

Perhaps you should have phone consultation with a lawyer specializing in malpractice to get their advice first thing in the morning and then go with her to the office afterwards.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
FYI: Would just like to mention, they would have absoluely NO reason to believe my wife is or would abuse her medication. As I mentioned, she is the PERFECT patient in every regard. I am aware of the latest and greatest with regards ***** ***** current medical system, especially these days when it comes to controlled substances. This is the only doctor she see's for her medical condition, nobody else except for her endocrinologist, as she has Hashimotos syndrome. I realize the current state/status qoe as well, regarding fibromyalgia, but she is a CDC textbook study, a shame at 28/29. RA also runs in her family of which currently she has NO signs, all blood tests normal, RA factors etc... We are very proactive and take great pride in our body(s) and souls as people and individuals. Even if this office is under some sort of scrutiny or turmoil etc., this type of behavior or lack of proper treatment to this particular situation is lacking in every way. Please understand, my wife does everything by the book, and would quite frankly prefer to not have the need for any such narcotics and was with hopes that eventually the injections would allow her to reduce/stop the need for any narcotics etc., all together. This is the only medication she has been treated with since initiating seeing this practice. Again, I appreciate your time. BONUS coming. This is my first ever visit to this site, is there a way to log-in and request your time/knowlege should I need to discuss this or any other query at a later date. I'll make it worth your time. We are not of meager meens, and once again, your time and attention is apprecaited.
Expert:  MasterDoc replied 9 years ago.

You can request me by name at the beginning of any future posts and it will be brought to my attention (though not always in a timely fashion).

Thanks for the pending ACCEPT and BONUS.

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