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4 weeks ago hurt my thoracic region, wen yo orthropedic, he

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I am ***** ***** and 4 weeks ago hurt my thoracic region, wen yo orthropedic, he simpy touched the muscle and said it was hard and appeared to be swollen through the ribs he sent me to physical therapy for 2 weeks for them to evaluate & treat) and a rx for darvocet and flexeril 10 mg. I took the meds for couple of days PT was really making the pain worse,I called my DR and told him so he called in vicodin es 5/500..which is still not helping..called to tell him that was not working and he said there was nothing else to give he ordered mri and will meet with him mon, I guess my question is with all the med that they are out there, why want mine work? Or are there any sugestions you have for me..I have been hrting so much for 4 weeks now that I am starting to cry and very frustated. I worked for a neurologist for 14 years and I have never see any pt have to suffer so much...By the way I take no meds or smoke or drink....thanks Laura


I want to get some more detail information about your problem,

Did you have any X ray taken? Any pain on taking respiration?

Do you have any other disease?

Do you take any other medicine?

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I Injuredmy back playing golf, hitting the ground rather hard instead of golf ball..I did have a thoracic xray which he said showed swelling in that area and in to the ribs..I do not have any other diseases..I do not take any other medications.. thank-you
Thank you for the information.

There may be a few possibilities for this severe pain.

The pain in the area may be due to the any crack of the rib causing injury to muscle & formation of hematoma or collection of blood in the muscle.

The end of the rib may also be causing irritation of any nerve or irritation of pleura or covering of lung causing this pain.

If there is continuous irritation then the pain may persist for a long period.

MRI will help to find the detail anatomy of the area & will help you to find the actual cause of it.

I hope this information will help. Please press the ACCEPT button if I answered your question. Thank you.

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