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I recently had a urinalysis w/microscopic & CBC w/auto.

Resolved Question:

I recently had a urinalysis w/microscopic & CBC w/auto. diff. lab work done for a pre-op appointment - 2 concerns - UA shows Urine Leuk. Esterase as POSITIVE (I have no urination pain, or show any symptoms of a UTI). My urine WBC''s show 4 (0-5 range normal), while this marker shows as normal I thought 2 or more shows an abnormality. In addition to the UA, the CBC draw shows that my MCHC is high at 36.2 - my understanding was that their couldn''t be a high reading due to the constraints on the cell. What is your read? (female, 30''s, not sexually active,)
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 9 years ago.


A single abnormal finding does not support a diagnosis. You may have a chlamydia infection which does not cause symptoms of dysuria in many women. The WBCs in the urine indicating normal is determined by the laboratory and though 0-4 WBC in most labs is considered normal, one additional WBC is meaningless. The MCHC at 36.2 again is not really elevated when in most labs the normal range is 33-37. Keep your appointment with your doctor and request an evaluation for chlamydia. I hope this is helpful.

Dr. Stan

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Dr. Stan,

I do need more help with this ­ Is it possible that the sample is
contaminated? I thought I read that you couldn¹t use Leuk Esterase as a
marker for Chlamydia/STD¹s (thought I read something about this with our
soldiers and it was inconclusive)...I am not sexually active and have had
all test done upon the conception, birth, delivery of all three of my
children that have never come back suggesting an STD. Is there anything
else that this Leuk Esterase market could be linked too? If I had an
infection why aren¹t my WBC count high or above normal in my urine? Also
this issue with the MCHC¹s being high ­ I went back to confront other blood
work lab results and my MCHC was at 34...would this flux mean anything (even
though you think the current value is within normal) does the change
represent and issue?

Happy to pay for your advice...I¹ll go back to the site now to mark yes.

Thank you.

PS, if I had an STD such as Chlamydia wouldn¹t my antibiotics that I had to
take for my sinus surgery (that is the reason for the pre-op labwork) fixed
that? How do I get tested for an STD is it a pap or blood work? (Don¹t
have a local doctor yet, so I need to be clear on what I need since I¹ll
need to find a clinic) Is it safe to assume I don¹t have HIV since my B
cells/T cells range within normal (assuming that is what lymphocytes are)

PSS, AIDS testing is done during every pregnancy to ensure no potential
issues with the fetus, but I¹m under the impression that HIV can live within
a person for 10+ years and then just one day make itself present, this
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 9 years ago.

Yes it is possible that the sample was contaminated. LE is not a specific marker but only suggestive. LE is an enzume released by WBCs.and is considered to indicate any type of inflammation, not any specific disease. The fact that you are not sexually active mitigates against STD. Each time you take blood tests you may expect to find minor variations in the results. This is common! If you had Chlamydia, which I doubt based on the additional information you provided, treatment with antibiotics would need to be specific for the infection. Not all antibiotics are effective on all infections. At this point I would not be concerned about having AIDS which only occurs when someone is HIV positive. To ease your concerns totally have a GYN examination that includes a GYN Probe which can determine any significant STD. All in all I think you are dealing with a lab error so don't be overly concerned.

Dr. Stan

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