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I have a strange bump on the top of my hand, right ...

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I have a strange bump on the top of my hand, right where the wrist meets the hand. It is especially visible when I bend my hand forward. There is a small indentation in front of the bump. The bump is approximately 1/2" wide and 1/4" tall. It is acommpanied with a dull soreness.
Hello cbaskett1,

Without examining you, obviously I can't say for sure. But you gave a very good description of a very common condition called a "ganglion cyst." If it feels like a tense little marble or ball underneath the skin, that is most likely what you have. You can read more about ganglion cysts here.

The good news is that ganglion cysts are not serious, and many people don't even get them treated. If it bothers you, you would first see your regular doctor to confirm the diagnosis and go from there.

Again remember...because I can't see you, this isn't a diagnosis, just a "best guess." If this bump doesn't seem to you to fit the description above, or if this bump gets bigger, or more painful, or you develop redness or a fever, they you need to get it looked at sooner.

Hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I think you are exactly right. I have never heard of this but I was exercising about a week ago and put a lot of pressure on my wrist. I noticed the bump a few days later.

My son has a cast that is to be removed next week so if it's still there I may just ask the orthopaedist about it at his appointment.

This is a great service. Thanks!
You're most welcome and good luck.