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Jim Almond, MD
Jim Almond, MD, Doctor
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Experience:  Board certified in Family Medicine. 11 years of experience, including urgent care and house calls.
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I have something crawling out of my eyes, I can feel it. IT

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I have something crawling out of my eyes, I can feel it. IT CRAWLS-WHAT IS IT--HELP!!!
Hello. Thanks for asking for some help. When did you first notice this condition? Can you see anything (like a tiny insect or worm), or do you only feel it? If you haven't already, you may need a magnifying glass/lense an look closely in a well-lighted mirror. Also, do you have (or have you been around) any pets, or swimming in any rivers or lakes lately? Finally, in what general area are you located (U.S. or another country)?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I only feel it-the crawling in my eyes. Both of my girls have dogs. I haven't been swimming at all this year. This eye problem is been for at least a couple of months now. WORSE NOW, THAN EVER. I AM IN THE U.S.
Is there any discharge (yellow, green or white), significant tearing or redness? Is there itching, burning or pain associated with the "crawling" feeling? Do you wear contacts? Any change in vision since this started? Are both eyes involved about the same?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No discharge at all. yes, itching and burning. I do not wear contacts. My vision seems to be more blurry, hard to focus, and yes, both eyes are invovled.
Thanks for the additional information. There are several possibilities (allergic, inflammatory, infectious, systemic, etc.)...too many to narrow down without an exam, especially with your initial emphasis on something "crawling", and the fact that it is worsening after at least a couple of months. I would recommend that you see an ophthalmologist, although an optometrist should suffice (with whom you would by more likely to get an appointment sooner), within the next day or two, where they would have a "slit lamp", be able to "dilate" your eyes (so the inside of your eye can be well visualized), be able to "stain" your eyes to check for "uptake", and be able to check your "eye pressure". These more specialized exams/tests would ideally be needed to rule out a few of the possibilities. Primary care, urgent care or ER doctors are not as likely to be able to do these more specialized exams/tests, and they would more likely just prescribe an eye drop that might or might not work. I hope this is of some help to you. Thank you.
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