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I recently underwent a bilateral lower extremity venous

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I recently underwent a bilateral lower extremity venous doppler due to sudden left leg swelling. I got my paperwork back and among the report is the note, "Incidental note is made of some bilateral inguinal lymp nodes." What does this mean?


Thank you for writing Justanswer for your question.

This would be similar to saying, incidentally there were lymph nodes visible to each inguinal area.

The inguinal area is the area to each side of your pubic bone where the leg and torso come meet. Visible or palpable (meaning you can feel them ) lymph nodes to this area means that your immune system has been fighting off of an infection. It would only be a worry if these lymph glands did not go down or became larger or hardened. If you can feel some soft little lumps in this area, this is what these are. If they do not disappear in a few weeks I would suggest you see your physician to evaluate.

How is your leg swelling? It is also possible the lymph system was attempting to drain some of this fluid as well.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
This was the first study done to try and figure out why my leg is swelling. A couple of days ago I also underwent a CAT scan with and without contrast that has found a small amount of fluid in the pelvis, left ovary slightly enlarged and either has some fluid surrounding it or cysts. My left leg is the swollen leg.

Sometimes one leg when it is swollen is related to either a vein blockage or a lymph blockage.

I hope that it is something easily treated. Perhaps you have an infection in the ovarian area? If you did you might have experienced some fever as well.

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