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Dr. Eric
Dr. Eric, Doctor (MD)
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Why can''t doctors use chemotherapy or radiation to kill

Resolved Question:

Why can''t doctors use chemotherapy or radiation to kill herpes? I would rather suffer the side effects of these treatments than to have this disease. I know this sounds nuts, but is it possible that doctors outside the US could just cut open the lumbar/sacral area and spray ozone to totally kill the virus?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Eric replied 9 years ago.


This would be a good area of study! Unfortunately, the herpes virus goes dormant in the nerves, and your immune system usually does a pretty good job of keeping it in check. It is in times of stress on the immune system (illness, stressful periods such as exams, etc) that the immune system weakens and the virus can reactivate.

Certain medications (acyclovir and others in this family) can help your immune system, and some people take these if they get frequent outbreaks.

To date, suppressing the virus is the best option that is available. There is a lot of research on finding an immunization to prevent it, as well as ongoing research on ways to cure people of it.

For the HIV virus (much more deadly to humans), researchers have tried irradiating blood, boiling it (taking it out, irradiating it, and putting it back in) among other things. The most common thought for the more radical procedures is that HIV can be terminal, so people will tolerate a higher risk, herpes is not.

I know this doesn't fully answer your question. What have you tried to date? How often to you get outbreaks? Do you usually use protection? What is it that makes you so upset about the virus?

Let me know,

Dr. Eric

Dr. Eric and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Eric's Post: I had my first out break 4 months ago. It was very minor compared to those viewed on the internet. I take antivirals and have not had an outbreaks since.

However, I still feel it everyday and almost the whole day. It has driven me crazy. The tingling & feeling of bugs crawling under my labia. In additon, I have the same bug feeling underskin on my back & arm. I don't know what causes this crawling feeling.

So is it possible to open the lumbar/sacral region and Spray Ozone? This would wok. I'm desperate to try anything.
Expert:  Dr. Eric replied 9 years ago.

To the best of my understanding, opening the base of the spinal cord and using ozone would have a lot of risks, and would be unlikely to work.

The antivirals should suppress any outbreaks, and if you are choosing to take them daily, I would consider taking them for a year before stopping them. Typically we wouldn't start them until someone has had at least 5 outbreaks in the last year, and when we do that, most people, after a year, won't get any more outbreaks.

The sensation of bugs crawling under the skin is likely largely something that your mind is doing, and it can be quite disturbing (much as many of us get itchy when we find out someone close to us recently had head lice). If this continues, you may want to speak with your primary care doctor about using something to take the edge off the anxiety.

Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.

Dr. Eric

Dr. Eric and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you