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Had a abdominal CT with oral contrast. All results were

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Had a abdominal CT with oral contrast. All results were normal except a 3mm low density focus on the posterior dome of liver. Not sure what this means. Have not seen primary since test but have an appointment. The results said it (3mm low denity focus) was non-specific due to small size. How concerned shoulod I be about this? Could this be a Hemangioma. I was previously told I have 2 that are a bit larger on the liver? Ironically they did not show on the CT.
If you had an abdominal CT with only oral contrast, the "low density focus" on the liver could be a number of things.

IV contrast, had you had it, would have "lit" up a hemangioma, to make it more easily seen.

Nevertheless, this still could be anything that is less dense than the liver itself, including a cyst, a hemangioma, a tumor. However, given that you have a history of hemangiomas and are young, the hemangioma is a likely finding for the low density focus.

3mm, in the scheme of things, is small, and even with contrast, would be difficult to discern exactly what it could be. If your doctor is concerned about this, he/she can order an ultrasound and/or MRI to further look at this, though that probably is unnecessary.
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