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On June 23rd while jumping on a trampoline I landed on the

Resolved Question:

Hello, On June 23rd while jumping on a trampoline I landed on the top portion of my right foot causing the foot to fold in half....I immediately went into shock (sweating, felt faint, nausea)...I was taken to emergency where x-rays were done and I was advised by the ER doctor that I had a lisfranc fracture. I was admitted to the surgical ward overnight in preparation for surgery which I was told I would need immediately. The following day, the surgeon came into the room and said that he could not see anything wrong with my foot based upon the x-rays, he put me in an airboot cast and sent me home with painkillers. Now over two weeks later my foot is still swollen up, there is bruising on the top of my foot and the bottom of my foot as well as in my toes and the sides of my foot. I have severe pains throughout my foot still and I am still not able to bear ANY weight on my foot...should I be looking for a 2nd opinion? I am concerned this injury is more serious than the surgeon is thinking
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Terry replied 9 years ago.


Definitely get a second opinion. You may be able to bring your x-rays with you for review by the new doctor. Do Not bear weight on your foot at this time. From the type of fall you had it is very possible that you sustained a lisfranc fracture, which is treated with or without surgery. If no surgery, then a plaster of paris cast is applied and worn for 6 weeks. It was rather strange that the surgeon said he could see nothing wrong with your foot.

The bruising and swelling and pain are not unusual. Keep your foot and leg elevated above the level of your heart, in the meantime.



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