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I have chafing towards the end of my penis and had to small

Customer Question

I have chafing towards the end of my penis and had to small clear blisters around ring of penis. I currently got a infection on my face and i am taking sulfameth antibiotics, could that be causing this??? I went to the beach about a week and a half ago and my penis got really irritated from my swimming trunks would it just now be doing this?? need help on what to do!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 9 years ago.

Hi,Customer, these blisters around your penis ring could be caused by : an allergic or irritative process .

Sulfameth can produce allergic reactions,however ,in most cases when the skin allergy is produced by antibiotics ,the irritation will spread over more extensive areas and not exclusively in your penis .

However ,It is extremely important that You consult a doctor to rule out other possibilities like the presence of a Sexual Transmission Disease ( STD) like Genital Herpes or other type of skin Bacterial or Fungal infection .

You should consult a doctor to evaluate you as soon as possible so these lesions do not get worse .

The doctor should perform some STD blood tests to rule out this possibility .

If this is only an allergic reaction , the doctor will probably prescribe you a low dose Hydrocortisone cream for 5-7 days to relieve your symptoms .

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you, ***** ***** alot of blisters just 2 really small ones....can i get them from irritation?? could it be from friction between my penis and swimming trunks?? and the red rashy skin what could that be caused by?? Its weird that this happened when i started taking the sulfameth medication
Expert:  Dr. German replied 9 years ago.

Hi,Customer Although You only have two blisters , You must consult a doctor to be properly evaluated and treated .

The blisters could be caused by irritation or friction .

Sulfameth can also produce allergic reactions ,in most cases ,the allergy affects other skin areas ,however every patient is different and It could be possible that the allergic process is only affecting the penis in your case .

The red rash could be caused by the same conditions that I mentioned in my previous answer .

The only way to know what of these possibilities is producing your symptoms ,it is having a proper physical examination with a complete medical history, performed by your medical doctor .

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