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Patient suffered heart attack, lost consciousness, is in ICU

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Patient suffered heart attack, lost consciousness, is in ICU with 70% of heart functioning, is on respirator and now experiencing seizures. I want to know what could be causing the seizures? Could he also be suffering from a stroke? Heart Attack and stroke, possible?

Seizures after heart attack can be caused by several different causes. First, in heart attack the ability of the heart to pump blood is disturbed. This may cause the brain to receive not enough blood for a while, which can result in seizure.
Another possible cause is Adams-Stokes attack, due to arrhythmia. It can present with seizures.
Third possibility is clot, formated in heart, and then travels to brain arteries, where it can occlude brain vessel - this may give seizure.
It's possible also one to have stroke after heart attack, but that's very uncommon. Signs of stroke will be weakness on one side, lack of sensation, vertigo, seeing objects double etc. It's very unlikely your uncle has stroke, and the seizures are very likely to be caused by one or more of the causes I pointed above. After proper treatment they should be gone.

K. Bahchevanov
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