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Can a broken vein appear as a bruise on your inner thigh?

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Can a broken vein appear as a bruise on your inner thigh? What are all the possibilities of what can cause it? What will a broken vein actually look like and do you have any pictures I can look at? I need to know exactly what a broken vein can look like on your leg and what are all the possible causes of this? I have a nickle to quarter size spot on the inside of my thigh and it is a little sore like a bruise but not really a bruise and I can feel the vein on the inside and it feels a little swollen and also it is a little darker where the vein is. It is a purple kind of color and it came up rather suddenly. I would like to know what this could possibly be and what are the possible causes and also if the beginnings of vericose veins can also look like this since I have some spider looking veins also in other places on my legs.

From your symptoms it appears that it may be a thrombosed vein as you can feel it & it is little tender.

It needs to be seen by a doctor.

However you can look at the pictures at this site to have an idea.

After seeing the pictures if you like to ask any question , please feel free to ask .

Thank you.
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