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Victoria, Chiropractor
Category: Health
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Experience:  25 years overall experience in health care from hospital-based intensive care to private practice
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I was in a severe car accident. I have been to many

Resolved Question:

I was in a severe car accident. I have been to many chiropractors and physical theripists. The drs said I have bad arthritis but I seem to think arthritis couldnt hurt this bad
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Victoria replied 9 years ago.

How long ago was the car accident? Were you hig from behind or from the side, etc.? What injuries to your neck were you diagnosed with?

Thanks, vj
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Victoria's Post: I was in the accident 10 yrs ago. I came close fracturing my neck. I have went through tons of physical therapy through the years. Plus I have seen three different chiropractors whom all have said that they have said they would be able to get me pain free. That is not the case. I dont have any money for any more therapy or anything like that I just want to have an idea of whats going on. Do you know what could cause shooting sensations into the neck? It is very sharp and deep pain in both sides of the neck. thanks
Expert:  Victoria replied 9 years ago.
What brings on the sharp shooting sensations - certain movements, keeping your neck in one position too long? Do these sensations run in a specific pattern, like a "line" on both sides. Does it always occur on both sides simultaneously? How is your range of motion in the neck in general?

Sorry about all the questions, but I need the details to see if I can come up with an answer giving you have had so much therapy with a poor response and at such a young age. Did you respond to any of the therapies? Did any of the therapies seem to consistently aggravate you - here I go, more questions again!

thanks, vj
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I am glad you are asking alot of questions. My range of motion is good. The sensations just come on. Not from anything. I went through the decrompression therapy on my neck recently and that was very aggrevating. IT is 2 am here. I have been laying awake because of the pain. This is the worst it has been in my life. I have been to many different drs. no answers. not sure what to do. It is so aggrevating.
Expert:  Victoria replied 9 years ago.

When you are inactive, such as trying to go to sleep does the pain seem worse than when you are up and bout with mind occupied by other things? Take any meds?- helpful?
Have you had any soft tissue therapy or some form of massage & muscle work?

Thanks again,
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I was at work all day and had to come home and sleep for three hours cause I was in so much pain. IT doesn't matter if I am up and running around or laying down. Massages help for the day. then the next day back to the norm
Expert:  Victoria replied 9 years ago.
Was the massage work "intense"? Did he/she get in there and separate the muscles along the myofascial planes- the kind of therapy I am speaking of tends to make the muscles feel as if you went to the gym after a long lay off, for a day, maybe two, but when it goes away your neck feels "freed up" for a few days? How frequent of the muscle therapy - once a week, twice a week, etc. How much time was spent on the neck - 10 mins, 30 mins, etc.? Do you do any daily exercises? What type of work do you do?
Expert:  Victoria replied 9 years ago.
Goodnight Jason,

I see I lost you, hopefully to sleep. If the pain is preventing you from getting restful sleep, then the sleep deficit adds its own set of complications to your sense of general well-being.

You are no doubt a tough case for which medicine really has very little to offer. My take on your problem is that you have some instability which is a tricky thing in and of itself to measure, define and interpret. This instability is causing your muscles to work overtime with chronic fatigue and failure to recovery from day to day. Essentially, I think of it as intramuscular hypertension with relative perfusion to metabolic activity mismatch which is not something you can prove or measure, but it makes sense the increased inter and intra-muscular pressures impairs relative perfusion at the capillary level to "overly" metabolically active tissues. The rate of cellular repair lags behind the rate of cellular breakdown and the muscles are chronically fatigued.
Based on my perspective, I would stay away from frequent manipulations and decompression type therapies and focus more on muscle and soft tissue mobilization therapies, along with trigger point therapy to include both the neck and the entire shoulder girdle complex. Make sure you have an adequately supportive pillow - not so hard your neck is "perched" on it, but not so soft, you cannot even feel your neck being supported. I would also invest in a good moist heating pad such as a Thermophore & essentially keep my neck well heated while I slept even it the weather is warm. A great portable heat source are the ThermaCare neck wraps that you can buy in any drug store and wear for 8 hours of heat. Absolutely avoid cold air blowing on your neck (fan, air conditioner) or rapid cooling of the neck such as a breeze on sweaty neck, car window breezes, etc. You might also try acupuncture for pain control - make sure the person is certified from a reputable school and is experienced. Look for a therapist who is very knowledgeable in trigger point therapy (could be a massage or physical therapist or a chiropractor) and can guide you in some neck and postural muscle strengthening exercises. You might try Feldenkreis or Alexander technique to recovery muscle balance and proprioception in neck and general postural habitus. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone to refer you to and you have to be picky and choose only the most experienced and patient dedicated practitioners, not the ones who do the same thing over and over and over again, take your money and keep you coming back. Basically, at this point, a few intensive sessions should get you started, then you have to do the reinforcing part of the program, for the most part independently, with periodic support therapy to keep building on. Believe me, no one has an answer or guarantee. You get a game plan together that makes sense, but if it is not working, you have to change what you are doing and not just continued fruitless efforts over and over again. So you have to be savvy about your care and how you spend your money, but I do not think you can just give up yet. Every step of the way make sure you are being educated by the therapist so that you are ultimately in charge of your pain management with periodic supplemental support. I know this is all easy for me to say, but I know what a long and frustrating road chronic pain presents, so if you find yourself unable to change the fact that you are going to have to deal with chronic pain, the only thing you can control is how you deal with it. You are young and laughter is good for your health and your soul. You have got to find a way to have laughter and joy in your life, pain and all.To be honest with you, I think I give my challenging patients at least 110%, and I still failure often enough to be humbled by the inadequacies in that we can offer people such as yourself.

Hopefully you have found this information helpful. If so, please remember to click the green accept button so that I may get credit for my work. Your taking the time to leave positive feedback would also be greatly appreciated. Of course, bonuses are the ultimate reward and considered very special indeed! Thank you.

Warmest regards,


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