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I have a question. Last thursday i went to my doctor because

Resolved Question:

Hello, I have a question. Last thursday i went to my doctor because i noticed some kind of blister in the vagina the doctor told me i had hpv so she burned them. i don't see them anymore she also gave me untibiotics. my question is. Is it safe to have sex not? and if i do what are the consequences?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Terry replied 9 years ago.


Since the procedure, when is your follow-up visit with the doctor? The best thing for you is to have regular check ups. Are you currently using the creams that you listed?Has your doctor advised you about resuming sex?

It is important to understand that the underlying HPV infection can't be cured. It can lie dormant in your body. Like any type of viral infection, HPV stays in your body and can cause warts to appear in the future, particularly when your immune system is suppressed. Examine yourself for future vaginal warts.

"You can reduce your risk of transmitting HPV to a sexual partner by abstaining from sex, by finding other ways to express intimacy, by avoiding contact with any wart, and/or by using condoms correctly and consistently every time you have sex. Like all safer sex methods (with the exception of abstinence) using condoms is not 100% safe -- genital warts not covered by a condom can still transmit the virus, but condoms are still a crucial step to minimize risk for people who continue to be sexually active."

"Being diagnosed with HPV does not mean that you can't have sex ever again! It is important to communicate with your sex partner(s) and give them information about HPV to make informed decisions about sexual activity."

I've given you some important info above and the website for added info. Please read it over and let me know if you need further clarification.

The consequence of having sex is the ability to pass the virus back and forth between you and you partner, if you are not both treated and very careful.


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